Jokes for all

Feel free to browse the collection of tall tales, yarns and downright lies.   They are all family safe - the test I apply is "would I tell this to someone's grandmother?"  If no,  I don't use it.     (That doesn't mean i don't appreciate a dirty joke,  but I don't think they're appropriate for broadcast on the radio - you never know who is listening or how old they are or  what their attitudes to dirty jokes amounts to. )


Charlie, a firefighter from Ohio, decides to visit his sister in New Mexico for the holidays.

On the way through western Texas, he drives through a typical small town, where the local grange has put up a life-size nativity scene. He stops to look at it and realizes that three of the figures are wearing turnout coats, boots, fire hats and carrying hoses and fire axes.

"What the heck?" he mutters to himself, as he drives up to the other stop sign in town.

Seeing the town diner on the corner, he decides to pull into the parking spot and get something to eat. He orders a cup of coffee and burger and contemplates the nativity scene while he eats.

Finally, he can stand it no longer. He stops the waitress and says,"I saw the nativity scene down the street, but I don't understand it. Why are there firemen at the manger?"

The waitress looks at him blankly. "Because it's in the Bible," she says.

Confused, he replies, "Where in the Bible does it say that?"

The waitress leans on the counter, levels a look at him and says, "If you northerners would spend more time with the Bible, you'd know. Everyone knows it says that 'three men wise men came from afar'..."

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