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About Mike Kear

Music from Foggy Hollow's Mike Kear
Music from Foggy Hollow's Mike Kear

Mike Kear is a 58-year-old New Zealander, living in in Windsor, a satellite town near Sydney, Australia for the last 26 years. He's married since 1975 to Frances ('The Chairman of Finance') and they have two sons,  Hamish (28) and Alistair (19).  

Mike first heard bluegrass in 1968 when the great NZ band Hamilton County Bluegrass Band had their weekly prime time TV show in that country. He was immediately hooked on the excitement in the music and never stopped loving it. After moving to Australia, he joined the bluegrass society there, and soon found his way into a band, singing lead and playing rhythm guitar. One of Mike's greatest thrill was to be singing alongside Hamish, who came into the band from time to time to add harmonies, and to be the 'sex symbol' of the band.

Mike is also webmaster for Bluegrass Australia, a resource for Australian bluegrassers to find our music anywhere in Australia.  He regularly runs workshops on bluegrass for beginners.

Mike started doing bluegrass radio as a guest DJ on Sydney's 2SER over a decade ago, in a one hour show that had been running for 16 years in the careful hands of Rod & Judy Jones. He soon found himself as one of the permanent presenters of that show for its last year. When the show ended, he went straight into his own 3.5 hour show, Music from Foggy Hollow, on Sydney's Hawkesbury Radio 89.9FM, which continues today. Mike presents a show of mostly new releases - 80% of the show's content is released in the last 6-8 months - with a touch of Australian bluegrass, humour and bluegrass news.

Mike welcomes emails about the show at -- feel free to request tunes, interviews, or comment on any aspect of the show. You can also view Mike's weekly playlists.