Humour - some of the terrible jokes we're famous for ...

Ok, so the show is famous for telling dumb 'dad' jokes and groaners.  I'd have stopped doing it years ago except people keep writing and saying they love it.    There are thousands of them here on this site - all g-rated and family friendly,     you could tell them all to your granny.    Well ok she'll probably clock you with a pan or a wooden spoon before you get to the end but you could IN THEORY!    There's a goodly selection of one liners in the "sayings" section and the rest are all in categories so you can steal the ones you want easily.      

Joke Of The Week

A couple went to a party that had a lavish buffet. The wife chatted with her friends then noticed she was getting strange looks. She saw her husband heading to the buffet for the fourth or fifth time. She went over and asked him, "Aren't you ashamed? Going to get still more food. Doesn't anyone say something?" "Yeah," he said. "But I just tell them it's for you."

Plenty more jokes where that came from right here ....
Random one liner...
Politican's Vow: "I solemnly swear to tell the truth as I know it, the whole truth as I believe it to be, and nothing but what I think you need to know."
Check out the most played music on the last 100 shows!

In our exclusive statistics, looking back over the last 100 shows, the most played song is Chasing Rainbows, from Casey Penn's new album "One Step Away". This is followed closely by a four-way tie between Darren Beachley's Listen To The Radio, Chris Stapleton's Starting Over, Person Of The Year from Kristy Cox, and The Sun Is Going To Shine, by Dale Ann Bradley, on her "Kentucky For Me" album.

The most played project is the debut album of Jaelee Roberts called "Something You Didn't Count On" quite a long way ahead of Kristy Cox's "Shades of Blue" and "This Life We're Living" from Darin & Brooke Aldridge.

And of the 714 different artists played on the show in the last 100 shows, the number 1 played artist is The Lonesome River Band, ahead of Atlanta, Georgia based cover band Foxes & Fossils , followed by a two-way tie between Jaelee Roberts and perennial favourite, Becky Buller.

Check out the whole list on our "Dawg's Hot 100" >> page.

How to listen

How to listen to the show - where and what times?   
The show goes to air in Sydney live for 5 hours,  beginning at 10pm Fridays,  Sydney time,  which is 8am US Eastern Daylight Savings Time and 12 noon GMT.     You can find the show by going to the station's web site at Hawkesbury Radio or via the TuneIn site.  They also have an app for mobile devices you can download from the App store or Google shop.  

There is also a re-broadcast several times a week in Washington DC on Bluegrasscountry.,org.  Currently the show times are 10am Sundays (US Eastern Time)  and 7pm Tuesdays (US Eastern time) 

On Music from Foggy Hollow you'll hear the latest bluegrass - many songs not even released yet.     

Our playlists - what's on the show

I publish the playlist on this site as the show progresses in Sydney.   You can find the current playlist in several ways,  including just click on the link above,  or go to the playlist archives and you can see what was played on any show all the way back to the first show this century!!       

It's not a commercial thing - we dont get any money out of it .   it's just done as a service because in many parts of the world, including Australia and New Zealand bluegrass is pretty hard to find in the stores.    Just click on a  song you like and in most cases you'll be taken to a web site where you can buy downloads or the physical CD.  It's usually the record label site or the artist's own web site. 

You can also use these links to tell the artists that you like the song and that you heard it on Music from Foggy Hollow.     You have no idea what a big boost that is to the artists and record labels - when listeners tell them they enjoyed the songs.    

Anniversaries this week
  • 16/June - Rouse Brothers first recording of 'Orange Blossom Special' (1939)
  • 16/June - Pat White (died this day in 2002) - Matriarch of the Ceili Music act, The Whites, of a heart attack.
  • 17/June - Earl Taylor (1929)
  • 17/June - Dave Stringbean Akeman (1915)
  • 18/June - Tim Austin (1961) - Innovator, singer, former Lonesome River Band member, founder of Doobie Shea Records
  • 18/June - Paul McCartney (1942)
  • 18/June - Jason Moore (1974)
  • 18/June - Jake Tulloch (died this day in 1988)
  • 19/June - Lester Flatt (1914) - Born in Overton County, Tennessee With banjo legend Earl Scruggs was one of the founding fathers of bluegrass style. Died 11 May 1979 aged 64
  • 20/June - Chet Atkins (1924) - Famed guitarist, record producer
  • 20/June - Dan Tyminski (1967)
  • 20/June - Mom Lewis (1910)
  • 20/June - Eveyn Cox (1959)
  • 20/June - Steve Lewis (1964)
  • 20/June - Ira Louvin (died this day in 1965) - Died aged 41 in a car crash
  • 21/June - Eddie Adcock (1938)
  • 21/June - James Price (1964)
  • 22/June - David Pendley (1959)
  • 22/June - US Civil War shooting stops (1865) - Stand Watie surrenders with his troops at Doaksville as the last Confederate general, thus ending the "shooting war" after more than 4 years, and 204,000 killed in action, and a further 414,152 dying from disease etc.
  • 22/June - Kris Kristofferson (1936)

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