Show Number Date Broadcast Comments
202305 3/Feb/2023 Rock Ridge, Wimberley Bluegrass Band, Wilson Banjo Co, Larry Stephenson Band, Donna Ulisse, Danny Roberts, Andrew Crawford & Brandi Colt, Billy Droze, Joe Hott
202304 27/Jan/2023 Molly Tuttle & Golden Highway, Rachael Price, Retro 78, Nick Dumas, Darren Nicholson, The Kody Norris Show, Daryl Mosley, Cornmaiz Stringband, Jaelyn Taylor & 21 South, Bibelhauser Brothers
202303 20/Jan/2023 Ashby Frank, David Marshall, The Crowe Brothers, Casey Penn, Troublesome Hollow, Danny Joines, Rob Ickes & Trey Hensley, Curtis Vestal, Cory Walker, Billy Swinson, Carl Bentley, lots more.
202301 6/Jan/2023 Danny Joines, Lakeside, The Weeping Willoows, Milan Miller, Bobby Gilesl & Texas Gales, Chris Jones & The Night Drivers, Lori King & Junction 63, Traveling McCourys
202253 30/Dec/2022 Mile Twelve, Ages Past, Chigger Hill Boys & Terri, True Bluegrass Fiddle, VOlume Five
202251 16/Dec/2022 Becky Isaacs Bowman, Mickey Harris, The No Joke Jimmy's, Shane MCGeehan, Llarry Sparks, Carl Bentley, Becky Buller
202250 9/Dec/2022 Becky Buller, Becky Isaacs Bowman, Cedar Hill, Stoney Creek Bluegrass Band, Ashley Lewis, lots of Christmas songs.
202249 2/Dec/2022 Ben James, Eddie Ray Buzzini,Joe Mullins & The Radio Ramblers, The Lost & Found, The Kelley Family, Becky Buller
202248 25/Nov/2022 Authentic Unlimited, Rick Lang, Eddie Sanders, Tammy Rogers & Thomm Jutz, Crandall Creek, David Parmley, Sam Bush
202247 18/Nov/2022 Sam Bush, Eddie Sanders, Marija Droze, Mary Lynn Michal & Ken Kolodner, Billy Strings, Yonder Mountain String Band
202246 11/Nov/2022 Joe Mullins & The Radio Ramblers; Jason Carter, Daryl Mosley, Authentic Unlimited, John Lee,
202245 4/Nov/2022 Anthony J. Howell, Bibelhauser Brothers, Irene Kelley, The Petersens, Danny Burns, Jason Carter, The Burning Bridges,Michael Cleveland and LOTS more
202244 28/Oct/2022 A truckload of new music this week! Including Irene Kelley, Jay Armsworthy, Bruce Winges, The Burning Bridges, Jason Carter, Billy Boone Smith, Andy Leftwich, Benson and many others.
202242 14/Oct/2022 Wolfpen Branch, Sequoia Rose, The Kody Norris Show, Jack Hinshelwood, John Cadley, The Foreign Landers, The Gibson Brothers, Aaron Burdett, Bobby & Teddi Cyrus
202241 7/Oct/2022 Enormous number of new releases after IBMA Including Amanda Cook, Ashby Frank, King James Boys, Lori King & Junction 63, Rick Lang, Sequoia Rose, Tim Raybon Band and more.
202240 30/Sep/2022 The Gospel Plowboys, Andy Thorn, Bob Lovett & Red Letter Edition, Carolyn Eyerly, Steve Bruce, Zoe & Cloyd, Sister Sadie, Jason Barie
202239 23/Sep/2022 Summer & Bray, Amanda Cook, Larry Cordle, Theo & Brenna, Junior Sisk
202238 16/Sep/2022 Stillhouse Junkies, Dunlap & Mabe, The Gospel Plowboys, Nothin' Fancy, Tim Graves & The Farm Hands, Larry Stephenson Band, Hazel Dickens & Alice Gerrard, Colebrook Road, Bruce WInges
202237 9/Sep/2022 Wildfire, Terry Baucom's Dukes of Drive, Steven Moore, Route 3, Mike Sumner, Kenny & Amanda Smith, Junior Williams, Mike Mitchell, Chris Davis, and more
202236 2/Sep/2022 Terry Baucom's Dukes Of Drive, David Hanson, a tribute project to Murphy Hicks Henry, Dan Tyminski, Volume Five, Steven Moore, Olivia Jo, and East Coast Grass
202235 26/Aug/2022 Jeff Brown & Still Lonesome, Frank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen, Becky Buller, Bibelhauser Brothers, Danny Roberts, Eddie Sanders, Jackson Hollow, Nick Chandler & Delivered, Tim Raybon Band, Casey Penn, The Petersens
202234 19/Aug/2022 Kathy Kallick, Dave Adkins, Mason Via,, Blue Highway, Jessi & The River Cats, Edgar Loudermilk Band
202233 12/Aug/2022 Willing Ponies, Alex Leach Band, Tyler Mullins, Tony Wray, Headin' Home Bluegrass, Mickey Harris
202232 5/Aug/2022 Mason Via, Nick Chandler & Delivered, Joe Mullins & The Radio Ramblers, Tony Wray & Tim Crouch, Russ Carson
202231 29/Jul/2022 Tennessee Bluegrass Band, Apple & Setser. Daniel Ullom, Tall Poppy String Band, Darren Beachley, Frank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen, Gena Britt, Anya Hinkle
202231 29/Jul/2022 Tennessee Bluegrass Band, Apple & Setser. Daniel Ullom, Tall Poppy String Band, Darren Beachley, Frank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen, Gena Britt, Anya Hinkle
202230 22/Jul/2022 Tony Wray, The Petersens , Audie Blaylock & Redline, Wolfpen Branch, Valerie Smith, King Street Bluegrass, THe Barefoot Movement, Wilson Banjo Co
202229 15/Jul/2022 Lonesome River Band, Daniel Crabtree, Fireside Collective, Jean-Luc Leroux, Shelton & Williams, plus dozens of new singles.
202226 24/Jun/2022 Jim Hurst, Circus No.9, Appalachian Smoke, Kaintuck Band, Lucy Kaplansky, Aaron Jones
202225 17/Jun/2022 Pam Gadd, Billy Droze, Benson, Irene Kelley, Marty Raybon, Nick Dumas, Caleb Bailey, Joe Hott
202224 10/Jun/2022 David Parmley returns, Breaking Grass, Jacob Underwood, Tennessee Jed Fisher, Fast Track
202223 3/Jun/2022 Peter Rowan, Junior Sisk, Authentic Unlimited, Mickey Galyean
202222 27/May/2022 Kristi Stanley, Authentic Unlimited, UNspoken Tradition, Jaelee Roberts, Josiah Nelson, Ashby Frank, Ages Past
202221 20/May/2022 Tommy - the Hillbenders, Laura Orshaw, Jesse Smathers, Edna's Kin, Newtime Stringband, Amanda Cook, Kristi Stanley, Tennessee Bluegrass Band, Terry Baucom's Dukes of Drive
202219 6/May/2022 The LIttle Roy & Lizzy Show, Tray Wellington, Stillhouse Junkies, and dozens of other new songs
202218 29/Apr/2022 A huge list of new music this week - including some from Claire Lynch, Crandall Creek, Jimmy Yeary, Kathy Kallick, adoptive Kiwi girl Caroline Jones, Darren Nicholson, Greg Blake and the Gibson Brothers, and lots more!
202217 22/Apr/2022 The Annual ANZAC Day Special show - songs and stories of Remembrance and Thanks to those who would put themselves in harm's way for us
202216 15/Apr/2022 Old Time from Tune Hash, Benson, The Inspirations, teenager Morgan Brake, Peter Rowan, Fast Track
202215 8/Apr/2022 Kentucky Just Us, Shannon Slaughter, The Badly Bent, The Jacktown Ramblers, The Wooks, Thomas Cassell, LOTS more
202214 1/Apr/2022 Carley Arrowood, The Family Sowell, Mike Mitchell Interview
202213 25/Mar/2022 A huge load of new music, including a brand new band - Authentic Unlimited
202211 11/Mar/2022 Kristy Cox + interview, Volume Five, Laura Orshaw, Allison Forbes, Mike MItchell, The Jack Town Ramblers
202210 4/Mar/2022 Cedar Hill, Ages Past , Bob Minner
202209 25/Feb/2022 Echo Valley, Adam & Mikayla Burrows Donna Ulisse, Rick Lang, Lonesome Pine Bluegrass plus lots of new singles
202208 18/Feb/2022 Mike Compton, Tammy Rogers & Thomm Jutz, Mark Whitt, Paul Family, Larry Efaw, Benson, Jesse Smathers
202207 11/Feb/2022 The 1000th Show!!!! Big show of interviews and brand new songs.
202206 4/Feb/2022 Kristy Cox, Laura Orshaw, Finley River Boys, The No Joke Jimmy's, Tim Raybon Band, Unspoken tradition, Terry Baucom's Dukes of Drive, Fiddle Express
202205 28/Jan/2022 James Reams, Linda Lay, Magnolia Drive, Kieran Kane & Rayna Gellert, Lonesome River Band, Missy Armstrong, Milan Miller, Buddy Melton, Ed Scheaffer, Summer & Bray, Edgar Loudermilk, Amanada Cook, Cedar Hill, + more
202204 21/Jan/2022 Larry Cordle, The Po' Ramblin' Boys, Sapphire Storm, Terry Family, Heather Sarona
202203 14/Jan/2022 J D Crowe & Rickey Wasson, Ethan Sherman, Pat Wiley, and a dozen new singles.
202202 7/Jan/2022 James Reams, Chosen Road, Colin Lillie, Dale Ann Bradley & Danny Paisley, Heather Sarona, Tony Wray
202153 31/Dec/2021 Continuing the review of 2021 by playing some songs from the second half of the year
202152 24/Dec/2021 Review of 2021, The Wooks, Darren Beachley, The Brent Rochester Family
202151 17/Dec/2021 Tammy Rogers & Thomm Jutz, Bluegrass at The Crossroads, Tony Eyers, Molly Tuttle & Golden Highway, Anya Hinkle
202150 10/Dec/2021 Po' Ramblin' Boys, Jesse Burdick, Zion Napier, Dave Adkins, Pam Gadd, 40 Horse Mule, Yonder Mountain String Band, New Legacy, Steve Thomas & The Time Machine
202149 3/Dec/2021 Jerry Salley Family, Hannah Shira Naiman, The Farnum Family, Po' Ramblin' Boys, 'Brink' Brinkman, Tommy Emmanuel
202148 26/Nov/2021 Barry Waldrep & Friends, Darren Nicholson, More new Christmas Songs
202147 19/Nov/2021 Songs From The Road Band, Jody Mosser, RiverBend, Goodwin Brothers, Greg Blake, Bela Fleck, Darren Nicholson, Don Schlitz and more new Christmas songs
202146 12/Nov/2021 Rick Faris, Ned Luberecki, Audie Blaylock & Redline, Bluegrass Confidential, New Church Street Music, Theo & Brenna
202145 5/Nov/2021 Tina Adair, Lorraine Jordan & Carolina Road, Harold Hamilton & Hard Drivin', Andrew Crawford, George Jackson, Carley Arrowood, Jim Hurst, Thomas Cassell, Alex Leach Band
202144 29/Oct/2021 Daryl Mosley, Colebrook Road, Billy Strings, Del McCoury Band, Nefesh Mountain, Tina Adair, Shawn Lane, Deanie Richardson
202143 22/Oct/2021 Ashley Lewis & Legacy, the Goodwin Brothers, Fast Track, Deeper Shade of Blue, Daryl Mosley, Caleb Bailey, Daniel Crabtree, Mark Whitt, Mike Mullins, Harold Hamilton & Hard Drivin'
202142 15/Oct/2021 Doug Flowers Band, Andy Leftwich, Irene Kelley, Chad Darou, Jody Mosser
202141 8/Oct/2021 Rick Faris, Chris Jones & The Night Drivers, Tristan Scroggins, Jackson Hollow, Andrew Crawford, Amanda Cook, Breaking Grass, Jason Davis, Lee Street Lyrical, Mason Via, Volume Five, Ages Past
202140 1/Oct/2021 Zoe & Cloyd, Eddie Swann, Deeper Shade of Blue, Crandall Creek, Donna Ulisse, Lindley Creek
202139 24/Sep/2021 Country Faith Bluegrass, Angus Gill, The Barefoot Movement, Gary Ferguson, Smith Sisters & The Sunday Drivers
202138 17/Sep/2021 Sideline, Balsam Range, Danny Burns, Marty Falle, Backline, Fireside Collective, Kenny & Amanda Smith, Marty Raybon, Nick Chandler & Delivered
202137 10/Sep/2021 Tammy Rogers & Thomm Jutz, Angus Gill, Kim Robins, Ned Luberecki, Junior Williams, Prairie Wildfire
202136 3/Sep/2021 Starlett & Big John, Eddie Sanders, Jimmy Melton, Shannon Slaughter, Shannon Wright, The Gospel Plowboys
202135 27/Aug/2021 Valerie Smith, Stelling Banjo Anthology, Bent Mountain, Kat Wallace & David Sasso, Kristy Cox
202134 20/Aug/2021 Mongomery Church, Caleb Bailey, Seth Mulder, Bobby & Terri Cyrus, a fabulous new song from Dolly Parton and we remember Nanci Griffith.
202133 13/Aug/2021 The Grascals, Della Mae, Bluegrass 45, Jeremy Garrett, Wolfpen Branch, The Barefoot Movement Andrew Crawford
202132 6/Aug/2021 Darin & Brooke Aldridge, The Grascals, Maddie Denton, Eddie Swann, Junior Sisk, Kim Robins, King James Boys, Brett Ratliff
202131 30/Jul/2021 Brad Kolodner, Jeremy Stephens, Maddie Denton, WIldfire, Tray Wellington, John Reischman
202130 23/Jul/2021 The Lonesome River Band, Robin & Linda Williams, Summer & Bray, Rick Faris, Magnolia Drive, James Reams, The Weeping Willows, Don Rigsby
202129 16/Jul/2021 Cedar Hill, Anya Hinkle, Self Rising Flour (Finland), Nixon, Blevins & Gage
202128 9/Jul/2021 Fast Track, Aaron Burdett, Daryl Mosley, East Nash Grass, Echo Valley, Irene Kelley, Milan Miller, Natalie Tomlinson, Chris Jones & The Night Drivers, Nefesh Mountain
202127 2/Jul/2021 Larry Stephenson Band, Jake Eddy, Mountain Bridge Band
202126 25/Jun/2021 Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver, Jesse Brock, Goodfellers, Stoney Creek Bluegrass Band,
202125 18/Jun/2021 The Burning Bridges, Andy Leftwich, The Farm Hands, Zach Top, Billy Wise & Mountain Time, Phil Leadbetter's Masters of Slide
202124 11/Jun/2021 Tina Adair, Barry Bernathy & Friends, The Crowe Brothers, Rick Lang, Mark Schatz & Bryan McDowell, Adam Wright
202123 4/Jun/2021 Andre Dal, Lizzy Long, Merle Monroe, Lori King & Junction 63, Wilson Banjo Co, Jean-Luc Leroux and so much more!!
202122 28/May/2021 Billy Droze, Andre Dal, James Reams, Kenny & Amanda Smith, Rhonda Vincent & The Rage, Valerie Smith, The Grascals, Tray Wellington and more
202120 14/May/2021 Joe Mullins & The Radio Ramblers, Larry Sparks, Jimmy Heffernan, Aaron Bibelhauser, Larry Stephenson Band, Bluegrass At The Crossroads
202119 7/May/2021 Chris Brashear & David McLaughlin, David Peterson & 1946, Billy Strings, Jimmy Yeary, Balsam Range, Anya Hinkle, 40 Horse Mule, Deeper Shade of Blue
202118 30/Apr/2021 Danny Paisley, The Foreign Landers, Level Best Band, The Caleb Daugherty Band, Luke McKnight, Geoff Buell
202117 23/Apr/2021 26th Annual ANZAC Day Special show - Australia and New Zealand's primary day of Remembrance
202116 16/Apr/2021 Andre Dal, Unspoken Tradition, The Chuck Wagon Gang, Nick Chandler & Delivered, Maddie Denton, Hot Tamale, Eddie Sanders, Sideline
202115 9/Apr/2021 Billy Droze, Linda Lay, Jay Armsworthy, Full Cord Bluegrass, Jason Davis, Lorraine Jordan & Carolina Road, Lou Reid, the Po' Ramblin' Boys, Acoustic Syndicate
202114 2/Apr/2021 An avalanche of new music - 13 new projects. Also a look back 20 years to what was in the show way back then.
202113 26/Mar/2021 Darin & Brooke Aldridge, Seth Mulder & Midnight Run, Dan F Hill, Rick Lang, Shannon Baker & Sometime Soon, The Weeping Willows, Britton Patrick Morgan
202112 19/Mar/2021 Bobby Osborne, Jesse Brock, Nu-Blu, Bobby & Teddi Cyrus, Wolfpen Branch, Hayde Bluegrass Orchestra from Norway, Tony Wray, Aaron Burdett, Andy Leftwich, Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver, Anya Hinkle, The Grascals, Jaelee Roberts, and an interview with Amanda Cook
202111 12/Mar/2021 Amanda Cook, Tim Stafford and Steve Gulley, The Alex Leach Band, Michael Kelly
202110 5/Mar/2021 Williamson Branch - Heritage & Hope (Pinecastle) also Caleb Bailey, Sideline, Barry Abernathy & Friends, Chris Jones & The Night Drivers, Starlett & Big John, Lori King & Junction 63, Five Mile Mountain Road, Darren Beachley, Ashton Brett Dunn, Ronnie Bowman.
202109 26/Feb/2021 Richard Bennett, The Lonesome River Band, Sideline, Jenny Hill, The Foreign Landers, Caleb Bailey, Mountain Bridge Band, The McKameys, Jackson Melnick, Tiffany Williams, Shannon Bielski & Moonlight Drive
202108 19/Feb/2021 Whysper Stephenson, King James Boys, Sarah Chapman, Jeremy Garrett, Bluegrass At The Crossroads, Jimmy Melton, Tina Adair
202107 12/Feb/2021 Mike Barnett, Jim & Lynna Woolsey, Whysper Stephenson, Colebrook Road, The Churchmen, The Lonesome River Band, Cedar Hill, Merle Monroe, Aaron Bibelhauser, Carley Arrowood, ETSU Bluegrass Pride Band, and Jimmy Melton
202106 5/Feb/2021 Daniel Crabtree, Alan Bibey & Grasstowne, Pam Setser. Whysper Stephenson, Anya Hinkle, Summer & Bray, Daisy Caire, Milan Miller, The Alex Leach Band, The Petersens, Joe Mullins & The Radio Ramblers
202105 29/Jan/2021 Larry Cordle, Dale Ann Bradley, Brayden Williamson, Unspoken Tradition, Jaelee Roberts, Barry Abernathy & Friends, Danny Paisley & Southern Grass. Sunrise Ridge
202104 22/Jan/2021 Justin Moses, Branded Bluegrass. Dale Ann Bradley, Alan Bibey & Grasstowne, Deanie Richardson, Mama Said String Band, Never Come Down
202103 15/Jan/2021 Carolyn Eyerly, Edna's Kin, and Jeanie Kendall and lots of new singles
202102 8/Jan/2021 Aaron Burdett, Anya Hinkle, Balsam Range, Bluegrass at the Crossroads, Jeremy Garrett, Sideline, Sierra Hull, Smith Sisters & The Sunday Drivers, The Bright Siders, The Gina Furtado Project, and the Grascals
202101 1/Jan/2021 Sturgill Simpson, Kevin Slick, Lillyann McCool, and Preston Guitar Owners showcase/ Plus Level Best Band, Rebekah Speer, Jimmy Melton and Willie Marschner.
202051 18/Dec/2020 Something different - looking back 20 years to the release of "O Brother Where Art Thou" and also to the 1960s
202050 11/Dec/2020 Crandall Creek, The Family Sowell, Savage Hearts, Old Town Flood and lots of CHristmas songs.
202049 4/Dec/2020 Tim Stafford, Liam Purcell & Cane Mill Road, Chris Jones & The Night Drivers, Alan Sibley & The Magnolia Ramblers, Strung Like A Horse
202048 27/Nov/2020 Lindley Creek, Liam Purcell & Cane Mill Road, Skirts & Boots Fast Track, Missy Armstrong, Strung Like A Horse, JT & Thunderhill, and some more new Christmas songs
202047 20/Nov/2020 The Sharp Flatpickers, Lizzy Plotkin & Natalie Spears, several new Christmas singles, and new singles from The Kody Norris Show, Branded Bluegrass
202046 13/Nov/2020 Greg Blake and a debut album from Milwaukee's The Milbillies
202045 6/Nov/2020 Rock Hearts, The Foreign Landers, The Farm Hands, Bella White, Dale Ann Bradley
202044 30/Oct/2020 Jesse Brock, Lonesome River Band, Rhonda Vincent & The Rage, Justin Moses, Mike Mitchell, Sacred Reunion
202043 23/Oct/2020 Terry Baucom's Dukes of Drive, Headin' Home Bluegrass, Steve Gulley and Tim Stafford, Tina Adair, Zoe & Cloyd, Wilson Banjo Co, The Caleb Daugherty Band, Brennen Leigh, Alan Sibley & Anthony Howard, Smith Sisters Bluegrass, Anya Hinkle
202042 16/Oct/2020 Rock Hearts, Unspoken Tradition, Daniel Crabtree, Cup O'Joe, Rob Slusser, Liam Purcell & Cane Mill Road
202041 9/Oct/2020 Jeremy Garrett, Cedar Hill, Reina del Cid, Caitlin Canty, cover band Foxes & Fossils.
202040 2/Oct/2020 Becky Buller - Time And Distance / Mark Stoffel - Coffee & Cake also singles from Nu-Blu, Josh Shilling, Theo & Brenna
202039 25/Sep/2020 Bluegrass At The Crossroads, Phil Leadbetter & The All Stars of Bluegrass, The Alex Leach Band, Thomm Jutz, Edgar Loudermilk, Jordan Tice and Adam Wright
202038 18/Sep/2020 Bluegrass Hall of Famer Bill Emerson, 'Brink' Brinkman, Nick Hornbuckle, The Sharp Flatpickers, Danny Joines, Crandall Creek, Backline and lots lots more.
202037 11/Sep/2020 Robert Hale & The 8th Wonder Band / Jay Armsworthy & Eastern Tradition / Aaron Bibelhauser
202036 4/Sep/2020 Balsam Range / Sarah Chapman / Kronos Quartet / Summer & Bray
202035 28/Aug/2020 Fortune,Walker,Rogers & Isaacs / Tacie & The Sunshine Band / Slim Dime
202034 21/Aug/2020 Carolina Blue, New River Bluegrass, The Dillards, Alecia Nugent, Tugalo Holler, Ray Cardwell, Lorraine Jordan & Carolina Road, Wood & Wire, Mikayla Burrows, The Reno Swing Set, and Buffalo Gals Band
202032 7/Aug/2020 Jerry Salley / Bridges & Backroads plus Nick Chandler & Delivered, Jacob Underwood, Billy Droze, Shawn Lane, Alecia Nugent
202031 31/Jul/2020 Jerry Salley, The Wildmans, The Grassifieds, Spillwater Drive, Chris Jones & The Night Drivers, Sierra Hull
202030 24/Jul/2020 Amanda Cook, Marija Droze, Missy Armstrong, Phil Leadbetter & The All Stars of Bluegrass, Tommy Buller, Stephen Mougin and lots more
202029 17/Jul/2020 Kimberley Wheeler's Roadside Holiday / Daniel Crabtree / Roger Cline / Bronwyn Keith-Hynes
202028 10/Jul/2020 Glen Duncan, The Jakob's Ferry Stragglers, Dewey & Leslie Brown, Jeremy Garrett, Mark Stoffel, Milan Miller & Tim O'Brien, Rock Hearts
202027 3/Jul/2020 Roe Family / Barefoot Movement / Bluegrass 2020 / Sarah Chapman / Rhonda Vincent / Adam & Mikayla / O'Connor Band / Tommy Emmanuel
202026 26/Jun/2020 Crary, Evans & Barnick - Prime Time / Corn Nut Creek - Feels Like Travelling Home also Aaron Burdett, Steve Gulley & Tim Stafford, Kevin Slick
202025 19/Jun/2020 Midnight Skyracer / Shadows On The Moon plus the Plate Scrapers, Ray Cardwell, Endless Highway, Boone & Foster, Tessy Lou Williams
202024 12/Jun/2020 The New Reso Gathering / Lindley Creek / Terry Baucom's Dukes Of Drive / Unspoken Tradition / Carley Arrowood /Ashley Lewis & Legacy / Songs From The Road Band
202023 5/Jun/2020 Barbara Jo Kammer., Crary, Evans & Barnick, Turning Ground, Tom Feller, Flatland Gospel Band
202022 29/May/2020 New Albums from Chris Roberts, Tim Crouch, Buddy Jewell, Gary Brewer & The Kentucy Ramblers,Daryl Mosley, Gate 10, Nate Lee. All that and a whole lot more.
202021 22/May/2020 Laurie Lewis / And Laurie Lewis; High Fidelity / Banjo Players Blues ; Troy Engle / Fox Hollow Memoiries
202020 15/May/2020 The Kevin Prater Band - Walking Rails & Counting Ties / Jack Dunlap - The Isolation Sessions
202019 8/May/2020 JB & Jamie Dailey / Rod McCormack / Balsam Range / Robert Hale with 8th Wonder Band / Lizzy Long
202018 1/May/2020 Special Consensus, Tray Wellington, Steve Thomas & the Time Machine & Destination Bluegrass Band. PLUS a brand new single from Jerry Salley
202017 24/Apr/2020 25th Annual ANZAC Day Show - Australia and New Zealand's primary day of Remembrance
202016 17/Apr/2020 Destination Bluegrass Band / Wayne Taylor & Appaloosa / Merle Monroe
202015 10/Apr/2020 Fast Track, The Gina Furtago Project, Justin Moses, The Family Sowell, Anya Hinkle, The Hindsight Bluegrass Band
202014 3/Apr/2020 Stephen Mougin, Special Consensus, Circa Blue, Flashback and more
202013 27/Mar/2020 Kenny & Amanda Smith, Appalachian Road Show, the Family Sowell and Eddie Sanders
202012 20/Mar/2020 Professor Dan Boner / Thomm Jutz / Carolina Blue / High Fidelity
202011 13/Mar/2020 New releases- singles, singles and more singles. Including Carley Arrowood, Valerie Smith, Sarah Chapman and lots more.
202010 6/Mar/2020 The Steeldrivers; Aaron Bibelhauser; Sierra Hull; Fireside Collective;
202008 21/Feb/2020 Dale Ann Bradley & TinaAdair / Oh Darlin' / Pinecastle
202007 14/Feb/2020 Kristy Cox / No Headlights ; Junior Sisk / Load The Wagon
202006 7/Feb/2020 Della Mae, Ken & Brad Kolodner, Cumberland County Line
202005 31/Jan/2020 Appalachian Road Show, Lorraine Jordan & Carolina Road, Aaron Bibelhauser, Amanda Cook, Shannon Slaughter, Mile Twelve, King Street Bluegrass, Branded Bluegrass
202004 24/Jan/2020 Terry Baucom's Dukes Of Drive / Mile Twelve / Flashback
202003 17/Jan/2020 Ronnie Bowman; Frank & Allie Lee; Frances Mooney & Fontanna Sunset / also introducing Fast Track
202002 10/Jan/2020 Kenny & Amanda Smith Band / Eliza Meyer
202001 3/Jan/2020 Kristy Cox, South Carolina Broadcasters, Lou Reid & Carolina
201952 27/Dec/2019 Lou Reid / Tracks & Trains; South Carolina Broadcasters / Home To Stay
201952 27/Dec/2019 Lou Reid / Tracks & Trains; South Carolina Broadcasters / Home To Stay
201951 20/Dec/2019 Volume Five / For Those Who Care To Listen / Mountain Fever Records
201950 13/Dec/2019 Sideline / Breaks To The Edge / Mountain Home Records
201949 6/Dec/2019 Lou Reid & Carolina; Sara Storer; Fireside Collective; Dale Ann Bradley & Tina Adair
201948 29/Nov/2019 Carson Peters & Iron Mountain - Grass Stains
201947 22/Nov/2019 Hogslop Stringband; Aaron Burdett; Frances Mooney & Fontanna Sunset
201946 15/Nov/2019 Hogslop String Bandl Lonesome Ace Stringband; Aaron Burdett; Frances Mooney & Fontanna Sunset
201946 15/Nov/2019 Midnight Skyracer; Williamson Branch; Drivetime;
201945 8/Nov/2019 Midnight Skyracer / Fire; Williamson Branch / Classy. Sassy. Bluegrassy
201944 1/Nov/2019 An enormous amount of new music - too many projects to have a feature
201943 25/Oct/2019 Red Herring, Junior Sisk, Tommy Buller, The Farm Hands
201942 18/Oct/2019 The Farm Hands / Memories Of Home ; Nothin; Fancy / Undeniable; Donna Ulisse /Time For Love And lots more
201941 11/Oct/2019 Darin & Brooke Aldridge / Inner Journey ; Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver / Live In Prague; Nothin; Fancy / Undeniable.
201940 4/Oct/2019 Midnight Skyracers / Fire ; Billy Strings / Home / Rounder
201939 27/Sep/2019 A huge show CRAMMED to the Brim with new music - wall to wall new stuff never heard on the show before .
201937 13/Sep/2019 The Likely Culprits / The Likely Culprits; Daniel Crabtree / The Storyteller In Me; Rod McCormack / Fingerprints.
201935 30/Aug/2019 Joe Hott / West Virginia Rail; GIna Furtaro Project / I Hope You Have A Good Life
201934 23/Aug/2019 The Grascals / Straighten The Curves; Audie Blaylock & Redline / Originalist; The Po Ramblin' Boys / Toil, Tears & Trouble
201933 16/Aug/2019 Ralph Stanley II & The Clinch Mountain Boys / Lord Help Me Find The Way / Stanley Family Records
201932 9/Aug/2019 Blue Highway / Somewhere Far Away - Silver Anniversary / Rounder
201932 9/Aug/2019 Blue Highway / Somewhere Far Away - Silver Anniversary / Rounder
201931 2/Aug/2019 Jerry Salley / All God's Children Sing ; Randy Murphy & Clay Hess / Bound For Nowhere; Backline / Salem Town; Claybank / Road Signs & Highways
201930 26/Jul/2019 Hammertowne/Pictures; Tyler Mullins/I Can't Even Walk Without You Holding My Hand
201929 19/Jul/2019 Adam Burrows / It's Called Bluegrass ; Randall Franks / Golden River Fiddlin' ; Zephaniah Stringfield / Back to Nowhere
201928 12/Jul/2019 Michael Cleveland & Flamekeeper / Tall Fiddler / Compass; Gena Britt / Chronicle / Pinecastle and about 15 other new projects heard for the first time!!
201926 28/Jun/2019 Larry Sparks / New Moon Over My Shoulder / Rebel
201925 21/Jun/2019 Louisa Branscomb / Gonna Love Anyway / Compass Records
201924 14/Jun/2019 Breaking Grass / Cold; Deer Creek Boys/ Chaos Theory; Destination Bluegrass Band / This Ole Towne
201923 7/Jun/2019 Seldom Scene / Changes l Fiddlin' Ray Bruckman / Foundation; Ali Shumate / Every Bit Of Me
201922 31/May/2019 Molly Tuttle / When You're Ready; Level Best Band / Level Best Band; Paul Family Bluegrass / It's Alright
201921 24/May/2019 Lonesome River Band / Outside Looking In; Alan Bibey & Grasstowne / Gonna Rise & Shine; Cedar Hill / Grandpa Build A Church House; Blue Moon Rising / After All This Time
201920 17/May/2019 Edgar Loudermillk Band featuring Jeff Autry / Lonesome Riverboat Blues; Tommy Webb / Bluegrass Boys
201919 10/May/2019 Colebrook Road / On Time ; Michelle Canning / The Next Eleven Miles ; Patrick McAvinue / Perfect Fit; Irene Kelley / Benny's TV Repair
201918 3/May/2019 The Jacob Daugherty Band / Burnt The Sawmill Down; The Cadleys / Duets and Ballads; Tom Mindte, Mason Via & Ben Somerville / 409
201917 26/Apr/2019 The 24th Annual ANZAC Day Special - the principal day of remembrance in Australia and New Zealand
201916 19/Apr/2019 Theo & Brenna / When You Go ; Louisa Branscomb / Steel Rails single
201915 12/Apr/2019 Caney Creek / The Tale Of Willie Tackett // Johnny & Jeanette WIlliams / Thirty Years Later // Amanda Cook / Point Of No Return // Pete Seeger / The Smithsonian Folkways Collection
201914 5/Apr/2019 Joe Mullins & The Radio Ramblers / For The Record , and Turning Ground / Old Country Store
201913 29/Mar/2019 Dale Ann Bradley / The Hard Way, Dan Eubanks / Look What The City's Done, Scott Slay & The Rail / The Rail, Circa Blue / Footprints In A Song
201912 22/Mar/2019 Bluegrass Parkway / My Old Kentucky And You / also new singles from Hammertowne, Mainline Express, the Grascals, Volume Five
201911 15/Mar/2019 Caney Creek, Zoe & Cloyd, Nightflyer, Scott Slay & The Rail, Ray Cardwell, Turning Ground
201910 8/Mar/2019 Unspoken Tradition / Myths We Tell Our Young / Mountain Home Records
201909 1/Mar/2019 Mile Twelve / City On A Hill / Independent also singles from Lonesome River Band and Steven Curtis Chapman
201908 22/Feb/2019 The Cleverlys / Blue also Theo & Brenna, Edgar Loudermilk Band Featuring Jeff Autry, Jaelee Roberts
201907 15/Feb/2019 Chris Jones & The Night Drivers / The Choosing Road / Mountain Home Records
201906 8/Feb/2019 Tricia Ann Eaves / Old Trails, New Beginnings and ETSU Old-Time Music
201905 1/Feb/2019 The Cleverlys, Circa Blue, Tim & Dennis Crouch, and Aaron 'Frosty Foster' & Dreamcatcher
201904 25/Jan/2019 Lonely Heartstring Band / Smoke & Ashes and Deanie Richardson. / Love Hard, Work Hard, Play Hard
201903 18/Jan/2019 Jeff Scroggins & Colorado / Over The Line , also Backline / A Thousand Wishes and the Tim O'Brien Band / Tim O'Brien Band. And we remember Miss Dixie Hall
201902 11/Jan/2019 J D Crowe & Rickey Wasson / Hats Off To Haggard / Plus Danny Burns / North Country PLUS singles and other new bluegrass galore.
201901 4/Jan/2019 Copious quantities of new bluegrass music, including an amazing Merle haggard song from J D Crowe and Rickey Wasson And HEAPS MORE!!
201852 28/Dec/2018 A Pot-pourri of new music, the first week in 2018 with no new albums.
201851 21/Dec/2018 Carolina Blue / I Hear Bluegrass Calling Me / Pinecastle
201850 14/Dec/2018 Frank Solivan and Dirty Kitchen, Gary Brewer & The Kentucky Ramblers and Sally Berry plus more brand new Christmas songs and some old favourites.
201849 7/Dec/2018 Danny Paisley & The Southern Grass / That's Why I'm Lonesome / Patuxent and lots of new music incuding some new Christmas music.
201848 30/Nov/2018 Caleb Dennis, Ray Edwards, Mile Twelve, Tim Stafford & Bobby Starnes
201847 23/Nov/2018 Billy Blue Records / Gonna Sing, Gonna Shout ALSO Tim Stafford & Bobby Starnes / A Songwriters Collection
201846 16/Nov/2018 Balsam Range / Aeonic plus the Jackpot of new music!!
201843 26/Oct/2018 Barry Abernathy and Darrell Webb's Appalachian Road Show (Billy Blue Records)
201842 19/Oct/2018 Mike Mitchell / Small Town; Brandon Rickman / Things Kids & Dogs Know ; Tony Rook / Reflections
201841 12/Oct/2018 Nothin' Fancy / Time Changes Everything. Plus Backline, Smith Sisters Bluegrass, The Lonely Heartstring Band
201840 5/Oct/2018 Roland White / A Tribute To the Kentucky Colonels; Gregg Welty / Community ; The Family Sowell / From Texas To Tennessee
201839 28/Sep/2018 Cindy G / Moonshiners Daughter / singles from Carolina Blue, Jeff Scroggins & Colorado, newcomer Joe Hott, Tim & Dennis Crouch, Michael Jonathan and Bass Player of the Year Missy Raines
201838 21/Sep/2018 Appalachian Road Show, Dede Wyland, Mickey Galyean & Cullens Bridge, the Smith Sisters Bluegrass, Rudi Ekstein
201837 14/Sep/2018 Brandon Lee Adams, Josh Grigsby & County Line, The Family Sowell, Traditionally Wound Bluegrass Band, North Country, Shawn Lane, David Benedict.
201836 7/Sep/2018 The Farm Hands, Gregg Welty's massive "Community" project, Amanda Cook; Kathy Kallick's new CD Horrible World.
201835 31/Aug/2018 Come See About Me - Mountain Home / Eddie Sanders, songwriter Dennis K Duff.
201833 17/Aug/2018 Bill & The Belles, Josh Grigsby & County Line, Mike Mitchell, Nothin' Fancy, Roland White, Earls of Leicester, the Po' Ramblin' Boys and Cedar Hill.
201832 10/Aug/2018 Lorraine Jordan & Carolina Road / True Grass Again Gregg Welty, Chad Darou, a chat with Deanie Richardson
201831 3/Aug/2018 Supergroup Sister Sadie, and a new album from NewTown, new music from Unspoken Tradition, Charm City Junction, Natalie Tomlinson and Cane Mill Road
201830 27/Jul/2018 Mountain Heart, Australian duo Montgomery Church, the Mountain Home Family, Balsam Range, Brandon Lee Adams, and we take a few minutes to reflect on the songwriting of Pete Goble.( RIP )
201829 20/Jul/2018 Lonesome River Band, the Cleverlys, Natalie Tomlinson, Robert Hale, Charm City Junction
201828 13/Jul/2018 High Fidelity / Hills And Home / Rebel, Love Canon / Cover Story . also The Grascals,, Chris Jones & The Night Drivers
201827 6/Jul/2018 Williamson Branch / Free / Pinecastle Also, Newtown, songwriter Larry Cordle, The Farm Hands, the Clay Hess band, Tonja Rose, and Sandra Lyerly
201826 29/Jun/2018 Darin & Brooke Aldridge, all girl supergroup Sister Sadie, Alan Bibey & Grasstowne, High Fidelity, the Crowe Brothers, Family Sowell, Trinity River Band, and Troy Engle and the Southern Skies.
201824 15/Jun/2018 Epilogue - a Tribute To John Duffey / Smithsonian (compilation) Also The Jakob's Ferry Stragglers, 40 Horse Mule, Balsam Range, Brandon Rickman
201823 8/Jun/2018 Deeper Shade of Blue / Luke Morris, Love Canon, Chris Jones & the Night Drivers
201822 1/Jun/2018 Lonesome River Band , Roe Family Singers, fiddler David Benedict, Deeper shade of Blue, songwriter Damian Muller
201821 25/May/2018 David Davis & The Warrior River Boys / Didn't He Ramble / Rounder
201820 18/May/2018 Kristi Stanley / Heart Wide Open; Junior Sisk / Brand New Shades of Blue. Also Five Mile Mountain Road, Eddie Stanley, Steep Canyon Rangers, Dewey & Leslie Brown and lots more
201819 11/May/2018 Steep Canyon Rangers, Five Mile Mountain Road, Troublesome Hollow, Borrowed Tyme Band, Nightflyer, David Davis & The Warrior River Boys
201818 4/May/2018 Jakobs Ferry Stragglers, Peter Rowan, 18 Strings, Larry Cordle, Deanie Richardson
201817 27/Apr/2018 Peter Rowan / Carter Stanley's Eyes / Rebel ; 18 Strings, Larry Cordle, Deanie Richardson
201816 20/Apr/2018 The 23rd Annual ANZAC Day Special - the principal day of remembrance in Australia and New Zealand
201815 13/Apr/2018 CDs from Highland Travelers, Sideline and Flashback and singles from Mountain Heart, Lorraine Jordan & Carolina Road, Missy Raines. Rhonda Vincent and Dolly Parton
201814 6/Apr/2018 Mountain Heart, Williamson Branch Junior Sisk
201813 30/Mar/2018 Williamson Branch, Junior Sisk, Gary Brewer, Carson Peters, Brennen Ernst
201812 23/Mar/2018 Special Consensus / Rivers & Roads / Compass, also Kristi Stanley, Commonwealth Bluegrass Band, Ray Cardwell, Frank Lee & Allie Burbrink, Hot Tamale
201811 16/Mar/2018 Cedar Hill, Chosen Road, Ray Edwards, Scottie Beardsley & The Lost Travelers, Nefesh Mountain, Sideline and Darin & Brooke Aldridge
201810 9/Mar/2018 MASSIVE collection of new projects. Including Cumberland County Line, Carnegie Tradition, Edgar Loudermilk, Felice & Boudleaux Bryant, Nefesh Mountain, the Savage Hearts, the Wooks, Echo Valley, Front Country, and more.
201809 2/Mar/2018 Dave Adkins new album Right or Wrong. Plus Will Clark, Rick Lang, and the Roe Family Singers
201808 23/Feb/2018 Sideline, The Jakob's Ferry Stragglers, Darin & Brooke Aldridge, Clay Hess
201807 16/Feb/2018 Backline, Joe Weed, Darin & Brooke Aldridge, Clay Hess
201806 9/Feb/2018 The McLain Family Band / Celebrate Life / Darin & Brooke Aldridge, Clay Hess, Becky Buller, Dewey & Leslie Brown
201805 2/Feb/2018 Becky Buller / Crepe Paper Heart/ Dark Shadow Recording
201804 26/Jan/2018 Kristy Cox / Ricochet / Mountain Fever Records
201803 19/Jan/2018 Jim Gaudet & The Railroad Boys, the Price Sisters, Nick Chandler & Delivered, the Baker Family
201802 12/Jan/2018 Milan Miller, Urban Monroes, Cornfields & Crossroads and Tommy Emmanuel.
201801 5/Jan/2018 The Sowell Family, the Kody Norris Show, The Hainings, the Fly Birds
201752 29/Dec/2017 The Kody Norris Show / When I Get The Money Made / and instrumentals from Russ Barenberg / Moving Pictures
201751 22/Dec/2017 Our 21st Annual Christmas Special
201750 15/Dec/2017 Rhode Workz, the Pipi Pickers, and New Zealand's only all-female bluegrass band, Hot Diggity.
201749 8/Dec/2017 Wilson Banjo Co, Richard Bennett, Sortin' The Mail, some more from the Fly Birds, the Women in Stringbands project, and Appalachian Heaven Stringband.
201748 1/Dec/2017 The Anniversary of the launch of the SELECTAMATIC innovative programming tool, we're giving it another run this week.
201747 24/Nov/2017 A LOT of Australian bluegrass including Appalachian Heaven Stringband, Women In Stringbands, Pete Denahy & Wide Island, and PLENTY more
201745 10/Nov/2017 Aaron Bibelhouser, Amanda Cook, Brad Hudson, Feller & Hill, Wilson Banjo Co, Will Clark, ETSU Bluegrass Pride band, Bela Fleck & Abigail Washburn, new Christmas CDs from Balsam Range and Jerry Douglas
201744 3/Nov/2017 Remington Ryde / a Storyteller's Memory / also By & By / Songs for This Old Heart and Molly Tuttle / Rise
201743 27/Oct/2017 Mike Bentley / All I've Got also the Stetson Family, Kristy Cox, Volume Five and lots more
201742 20/Oct/2017 Shannon Slaughter / Never Standing Still also Mark Johnson & Emory Lester / Acoustic Milestones and a preview of Kristy Cox / Ricochet
201741 13/Oct/2017 New music from Remington Ryde, Nothin' Fancy, Steve Martin & The Steep Canyon Rangers, a sneak look at a new album from Louisa Branscomb, and an amazing song from the new supergroup The Julia Belles.
201740 6/Oct/2017 New music from Remington Ryde, Nothin' Fancy, Steve Martin & The Steep Canyon Rangers, a sneak look at a new album from Louisa Branscomb, and an amazing song from the new supergroup The Julia Belles.
201739 29/Sep/2017 Steve Martin & The Steep Canyon Rangers / Long Awaited Album (Rounder) also Janet McGarry / Forever Is The Love (Independent)
201738 22/Sep/2017 Feature 'Crazy If You Let It' from Singer, Producer, Songwriter, session musician Thomm Jutz, also Thomm joins me on the show.
201737 15/Sep/2017 The Molly Rose Band, John Reischman and the Jaybirds, Bud's Collective, Amanda Cook, and Thomm Jutz
201736 8/Sep/2017 Mile Twelve's first full album, plus Donna Ulisse, Gina Clowes, Nothin' Fancy, True Grass
201735 1/Sep/2017 Gina Clowes / True Colors; Thomm Jutz / Crazy If You Let It; also Barbara Jo Kammer, Mike Barnett, Bill Martin, K C Groves, Free Willy
201734 25/Aug/2017 The Davidson Brothers / All You Need Is Music / Independent Also Jerry Salley, No Time Flatt, Flatt Lonesome, Donna Ulisse.
201733 18/Aug/2017 Back on air with a new show from a temporary studio. The Grascals, Flatt Lonesome, Doyle Lawson, Dale Ann Bradley, Shannon Slaughter, Donna Ulisse, all have new albums. And the new band from Melbourne Australia, The Burning Bridges
201728 14/Jul/2017 Colonel Josh & The Honky-Tonk Heroes, Katy Boyd & Phoenix Rising, Nathan Stanley, the Two Tracks, Old Salt Union, Amanda Cook, Carolina Blue
201726 30/Jun/2017 the Kevin Prater Band, the Davidson Brothers, Mark Kuykendall, Bobby Hicks & Asheville Bluegrass, Jerry Salley, Joe Mullins & The Radio Ramblers, Summer Brooke & The Mountain Faith Band, the Lonesome River Band
201726 30/Jun/2017 the Kevin Prater Band, the Davidson Brothers, Mark Kuykendall, Bobby Hicks & Asheville Bluegrass, Jerry Salley, Joe Mullins & The Radio Ramblers, Summer Brooke & The Mountain Faith Band, the Lonesome River Band
201726 30/Jun/2017 the Kevin Prater Band, the Davidson Brothers and LOTS more
201726 30/Jun/2017 the Kevin Prater Band, the Davidson Brothers, Mark Kuykendall, Bobby Hicks & Asheville Bluegrass, Jerry Salley, Joe Mullins & The Radio Ramblers, Summer Brooke & The Mountain Faith Band, the Lonesome River Band
201725 23/Jun/2017 The Kevin Prater Band / All I Ever Wanted / Patuxent Music. Also Glen Campbell, Davidson Brothers, Summer Brooke & The Mountain Faith Band, the Lonesome River Band
201724 16/Jun/2017 Glen Campbell's final record 'Adios', Davidson Brothers, Summer Brooke & The Mountain Faith Band, Lizzie Yee, the Lonesome River Band, Kim Robins
201723 9/Jun/2017 Summer Brooke & The Mountain Faith Band, Lizzie Yee, the Lonesome River Band, Kim Robins, Ralph Stanley II & The Clinch Mountain Boys, Rhonda Vincent and Daryle Singletary
201722 2/Jun/2017 The Lonesome River Band / Mayhayley's House / Mountain Home Music. Also Kim Robins, Ralph Stanley II & The Clinch Mountain Boys, Mark Kuykendall, Bobby Hicks and Asheville Bluegrass, Ashleigh Caudill, Rhonda Vincent and Daryle Singletary, Eddie Adcock
201721 26/May/2017 The Farm Hands / Colors / Pinecastle also True Grass, Mike Bentley, and we talk to banjo player BB Bowness
201720 19/May/2017 Doug Flowers Favorites, Nu-Blu, Flashback, and lots lots more new releases
201719 12/May/2017 Nu-Blu / Vagabond / Voxhall Records
201718 5/May/2017 Flashback / Foxhounds & Fiddles / Pinecastle
201717 28/Apr/2017 Jimmy Gaudreau & Elle Mears; Tom Ewing; Hammertowne, instrumentals from Rob Benzing and Dale Perry
201716 21/Apr/2017 Our 22nd annual ANZAC Day special show - a show of remembrance for those who would put themselves in harms way for us in the past and the present.
201715 14/Apr/2017 Larry Cordle, New River Bluegrass, Leona Williams, Ron Williams and the Bluegrass Martins, Garrett Newton Band, The Bucking Mules, Ralph Stanley II and the Clinch Mountain Boys.
201714 7/Apr/2017 Bobby Osborne / Original / Compass. Also new music from Joe Newberry and April Verch, Becky Buller, Rex Wiseman and Dale Perry
201713 31/Mar/2017 Dean Perrett / Aussie Favourites Bluegrassed / Independent
201712 24/Mar/2017 Junior Sisk & Ramblers Choice / The Mountains Are Calling Me Home. Plus first look at the Davidson Brothers new CD, Breaking Glass, Bob Nobles and Dailey & Vincent's latest.
201711 17/Mar/2017 The latest newly released bluegrass and acoustic country, including a new album from banjo picker Ned Luberecki.
201710 10/Mar/2017 Alison Krauss, Jenni Lyn, the Snyder Family Band, Lawson & Williams, Larry Sparks and Big Country Bluegrass / Instrumentals from Danny Barnes
201709 3/Mar/2017 Alison Krauss - Windy City first look, Jenni Lyn, the Snyder Family Band, Lawson & Williams, Larry Sparks and Big Country Bluegrass
201708 24/Feb/2017 Atilla & Friends, Bluegrass Patriots and lots more
201707 17/Feb/2017 Brad Davis / I Need Music Bluegrass Version also Eddie Adcock, Noam Pikelny, Junior Sisk & Ramblers Choice
201706 10/Feb/2017 a new Junior Sisk album for Mountain Fever, Willie Wells & Blue Ridge Mountain Grass, Tommy Brown & The County Line Grass, Kim Robins, Breaking Glass.
201705 3/Feb/2017 Darrell Webb Band / Lovers Leap / also Kim Robins, Billie Renee Johnson, The Garrett Newton Band
201704 27/Jan/2017 The Gibson Brothers / In The Ground / Rounder also Nu-Blu and Terry Baucom & The Dukes of Drive
201703 20/Jan/2017 The Bankesters / Nightbird / Compass Records
201702 13/Jan/2017 The Bankesters / Chris Jones & The Night Drivers / Ray Cardwell / Darin & Brooke Aldridge
201701 6/Jan/2017 Big Country Bluegrass / Darin & Brooke Aldridge / Wildfire / April Verch
201653 30/Dec/2016 Fireball Mail / Southern Rail / Rounder 0044 / Instrumentals throughout from Corrina Rose Logston
201652 23/Dec/2016 Trio Collection, rising star Molly Tuttle, the Infamous Stringdusters
201651 16/Dec/2016 Christmas songs from Tom Adams, Carson Peters & Iron Mountain, and Circa Blue, Wayward Angels, the Cherry Pickers, Heidi & Ryan, Karl Shiflett & Big Country Show
201650 9/Dec/2016 Wayward Angels, the Cherry Pickers, Ray Cardwell, Heidi & Ryan, Karl Shiflett & Big Country Show.
201649 2/Dec/2016 Ray Cardwell, Sandy Shortridge, 40 Horse Mule, East of Monroe, James Reams & the Barnstormers, the Cherry Pickers, Appalachian Heaven, the mid North, Hamilton County Bluegrass Band
201648 25/Nov/2016 Hamilton County Bluegrass Band / These Old Hands / Independent
201646 11/Nov/2016 Rhonda Vincent, Michael & Jennifer McLean, and Karl Shiflett & Big Country Show
201645 4/Nov/2016 Ronnie Reno & the Reno Tradition, the Darrell Webb Band, the Larry Stephenson Band
201644 28/Oct/2016 Larry Stephenson Band, Heidi & Ryan, Mile Twelve, Travers Chandler, Steve Hussey & Jake Eddy, Holly Norman, and Tyler Grant
201643 21/Oct/2016 Balsam Range, Mile Twelve, Travers Chandler, Steve Hussey & Jake Eddy, Holly Norman, Tyler Grant and Mo Pitney
201642 14/Oct/2016 Balsam Range / Mountain Voodoo / Mountain Home Records
201641 7/Oct/2016 Sideline / Colors & Crossroads / Mountain Fever. Also Steve Hussey & Jake Eddy, The Gibson Brothers, ETSU Bluegrass Pride Band and another quirky demo from Jeff Wall
201640 30/Sep/2016 Michael Cleveland / Fiddler's Dream / Independent, also first look at new work from the Gibson Brothers, ETSU Bluegrass Pride, and Jeff Wall
201639 23/Sep/2016 Mountain Faith, Nothin' Fancy, John McEuen, Jeff Wall
201638 16/Sep/2016 John McEuen (Nitty Gritty Dirt Band), Blue Mafia, Ray Cardwell, The Bankesters
201637 9/Sep/2016 Kenny & Amanda Smith, Jeff Brown & Still Lonesome, Bluegrass Outlaws, Claybank, Audie Blaylock & Redline, the Jim Hurst Trio and Dwight Yoakam.
201636 2/Sep/2016 Valerie Smith & Liberty Pike, Wil Maring, also a duo album from Wil Maring and Robert Bowlin, Melbourne gospel group The Hillwilliams, a special benefit single from Becky Buller
201634 19/Aug/2016 the Belle Hollows, Bluegrass Outlaws, Becki Alfrey, Mark Whitt, Adam Steffey, Jeremy Garrett
201633 12/Aug/2016 Profile of Tim Stafford, Songwriter
201632 5/Aug/2016 Bluegrass Express, Stuart Wyrick, Mickey Galyean & Cullens Bridge, Steve Gulley & New Pinnacle, and the O'Connor Band
201631 29/Jul/2016 Stuart Wyrick, Mickey Galyean & Cullens Bridge, Steve Gulley & New Pinnacle, and the O'Connor Band
201630 22/Jul/2016 The Price Sisters, Jim & Lynna Woolsey, Jeff Ingersoll Kenny and Amanda Smith Band
201629 15/Jul/2016 Earls Of Leicester / Rattle & Roar / Rounder
201628 8/Jul/2016 Billy Droze, Greg Moore, Jordan Tice, Town Mountain, the Ennis Sisters and instrumentals from Kristin Scott Benson
201627 1/Jul/2016 The Gospel Plowboys, O'Connor Band, the Trinity River Band, The Hinson Girls, David Parmley & Cardinal Tradition, and Sam Bush
201626 24/Jun/2016 Sam Bush, David Parmley & Cardinal Tradition, The Hinson Girls, and the Trinity River Band, PLUS a tribute to the legend, Ralph Stanley
201625 17/Jun/2016 David Parmley & Cardinal Tradition, Blue River, Tim Grimm, Frank Wakefield & Leon Morris, Mickey Galean & Cullens Bridge, Audie Blaylock & Redline
201624 10/Jun/2016 Lorraine Jordan & Friends, Rickey Wasson, Sarah Jarosz, the Railroaders, Kathy Boyd & Phoenix Rising, Newtown, Rob Ickes & Trey Hensley and Lots more
201623 3/Jun/2016 Volume Five / Drifter / Mountain Fever
201622 27/May/2016 Rebekah Long, Trinity River Band, Slim Dime, Lou Reid & Carolina and heaps more!
201621 20/May/2016 Bryan Sutton / The More I Learn / Sugar Hill
201620 13/May/2016 GrassStreet, Branded Bluegrass, Bob Lovett & Red Letter Edition, Nixon Blevins & Gage. Plus Edgar Loudermilk, Sister Sadie and Farm Hands
201619 6/May/2016 Terry Baucom & The Dukes of Drive, Special Consensus, Mikaya Taylor, T Michael Coleman and LOTS more
201618 29/Apr/2016 Deer Creek Boys, Spinney Brothers, Curtis Wright, Earls of Leicester, Hunter & Suzy Owens and lots more
201617 22/Apr/2016 Our 21st Annual ANZAC Day show - the primary day of Remembrance in Australia and New Zealand
201616 15/Apr/2016 Unseen Strangers, Volume Five, Kristy Cox, Mountain Heart, Blackjack and LOTS more
201615 8/Apr/2016 Tribute to the legendary Merle Haggard, plus plenty of the newest bluegrass available anywhere in the world
201614 1/Apr/2016 Kristy Cox / Part Of Me / Pisgah Ridge Records
201613 25/Mar/2016 Steve Gulley & New Pinnacle, Debbie Gulley, Carolina Blue, Giri Peters and James Reams & The Barnstormers.
201612 18/Mar/2016 Carolina Blue, Buddy Melton & Milan Miller, 11 year old Giri Peters, James Reams & The Barnstormers, a retrospective compilation from the Dry Branch Fire Squad, and a new solo project from Josh Williams.
201611 11/Mar/2016 Buddy Melton & Milan Miller, 11 year old Giri Peters, James Reams & The Barnstormers, a retrospective compilation from the Nashville Bluegrass Band, and a new solo project from Josh Williams
201610 4/Mar/2016 Turning Ground, The Rice & Mezone Alliance, Flashback, Kristy Cox, the Farm Hands, Sister Sadie, the Spinney Brothers and MORE!
201609 26/Feb/2016 Buddy Melton & Milan Miller, Two Ton Twig, Robert Mabe, Deer Creek Boys, the Boxcars, Laurie Lewis and the Right Hands and plenty more
201608 19/Feb/2016 Williamson Branch / Branchin' Out / Independent
201607 12/Feb/2016 Dave Adkins / Dave Adkins / Mountain Fever Records, Plus Lonesome River Band and Williamson Branch
201606 5/Feb/2016 Circa Blue / Once Upon A Time / Independent also Curtis Wright, Kyle Perkins and the Infamous Stringdusters
201605 15/Jan/2016 More of the best new bluegrass available anywhere
201605 29/Jan/2016 Kyle Perkins, Infamous Stringdusters, and youngster Presley Barker and LOTS more new bluegrass
201604 22/Jan/2016 Don Rigsby & David Thom / New Territory / Independent
201603 15/Jan/2016 More of the best NEW RELEASES bluegrass available anywhere
201602 8/Jan/2016 Dave Adkins, Edgar Loudermilk and Unspoken Tradition, as well as HEAPS of other great new releases.
201601 1/Jan/2016 All new bluegrass, newgrass and acoustic country
201552 25/Dec/2015 The best and newest bluegrass on the planet, including Sierra Hull, The Po' Ramblin' Boys, Jake & Rebekah Workman, Coaltown Dixie, and plenty more
201551 18/Dec/2015 The Grascals / And Then There's This / Mountain Home Records
201550 11/Dec/2015 Annual Christmas Special - some new, some old, some traditional songs all about a summer Christmas
201549 4/Dec/2015 Kathy Kallick / Foxhounds / Live Oak Records
201548 27/Nov/2015 William Louis / Pick It Son!! Duets With Dad / Independent
201546 13/Nov/2015 Jimmy, Gaz & Hank / Mind Your Own Business / Independent pls a LOT of new acoustic music.
201545 6/Nov/2015 So many new releases!!! how can we fit them all into the show??
201541 9/Oct/2015 Chris Henry & THe Hardcore Grass / The Water Song / Independent PLUS Pete Denahy / Singin' Shoes / Independent.
201540 2/Oct/2015 Brand new bluegrass from Donna Ulisse, Bill Emerson & Sweet Dixie, Cindy G, Nothin' Fancy, South Carolina Broadcasters.
201539 25/Sep/2015 Donna Ulisse / Far Cry Moon / Hadley Records Group
201538 18/Sep/2015 Great new releases including Hamilton County Ramblers, Cindy G, Bill Emerson & Sweet Dixie and Judy Collins
201538 18/Sep/2015 Great new releases including Hamilton County Ramblers, Cindy G, Bill Emerson & Sweet Dixie and Judy Collins
201537 11/Sep/2015 Great new music including the Henhouse Prowlers,  George Clark Shifflett III, Don Henley The Kentucky Mountain Trio, and Flatt Lonesome.
201536 4/Sep/2015 Russell Moore & IIIrd Tyme Out / It's About Tyme / Break-a-String Records
201535 28/Aug/2015 The newest and best bluegrass, newgrass and acoustic country music available anywhere
201534 21/Aug/2015 Steep Canyon Rangers / Radio / Rounder Records
201532 7/Aug/2015 Josh Grigsby & County Line, Willie Nelson & Merle Haggard, Emmylou Harris & Rodney Crowell, Jefferson Ross, the Vickie Vaughn Band
201531 31/Jul/2015 Willie Nelson & Merle Haggard, Emmylou Harris & Rodney Crowell, Jefferson Ross, songwriter Donna Ulisse, the Vickie Vaughn Band
201530 24/Jul/2015 the Vickie Vaughn Band, some of Carl Jackson's project called Orthophonic Joy: the 1927 Bristol Sessions Revisited, Church Sisters and all girl newcomers, the Kentucky Bluebelles
201529 17/Jul/2015 All the best BRAND NEW bluegrass, newgrass and acoustic country we can find anywhere
201528 10/Jul/2015 The patent-pending SELECTAMATIC will choose the content of the program- the show will be a surprise to everyone including me
201527 3/Jul/2015 Kathryn Parham Brickey, Kentucky Bluebelles, Fossil Creek Band, Ash Breeze and all the latest new releases
201526 26/Jun/2015 Emory Lester & Jill Jones, Chris Jones & The Night Drivers, The Band Kelley, The Feinberg Brothers, Troy Boone
201524 12/Jun/2015 Lots of new music including The Lonesome Trio, Concession 23, Louie Setzer, Jeff Parker and newgrass group Mr Sun
201523 5/Jun/2015 The Jenkins Twins, Kevin Carter & Full Assurance, Adam McPeak & Mountain Thunder, Scott Tackett, and some demos from Donna Ulisse
201522 29/May/2015 All new-releases bluegrass, including Lorraine Jordan & Carolina Road, Dale Ann Bradley, Big Country Bluegrass, the Steeldrivers and Sideline
201521 22/May/2015 Steve Gulley & New Pinnacle / Steve Gulley & New Pinnacle / Rural Rhythm
201520 15/May/2015 Sideline, Gold Heart, Jamie Harper, Shotgun Holler, Trinity River Band, Dale Ann Bradley
201519 8/May/2015 The best new releases bluegrass anywhere, including Gold Heart, the Hillbenders, Jame Harper, Steve Harris, a tribute to the Carter Family from Antique Persuasion, Dale Ann Bradley and Sideline.
201518 1/May/2015 Great new releases bluegrass, including Gold Heart, the Hillbenders, Bluestone, a tribute to the Carter Family from Antique Persuasion, Dale Ann Bradley and Sideline.
201517 24/Apr/2015 Our 19th Annual ANZAC Day special - played remembrance songs, told some yarns and had some laughs for Australia's most important day of the year
201516 17/Apr/2015 All the best new releases bluegrass we can find - including Gold Heart, Dale Ann Bradley, Big Country Bluegrass and supergroup Sideline
201515 10/Apr/2015 Great new bluegrass including Hammertowne, Russell Moore & IIIrd Tyme Out, Ned Lubrecki, and Della Mae.
201514 3/Apr/2015 Steve Gulley & New Pinnacle / Steve Gulley & New Pinnacle / Rural Rhythm
201513 27/Mar/2015 New releases bluegrass, including singles from Terry Baucom, Steep Canyon Rangers & Edie Brickell and newgrass girls Sara Watkins, Sarah Jerosz, and Aoife O'Donovan
201512 20/Mar/2015 The best new releases in the bluegrass world anywhere. Including Bradford Lee Folk, Altan, Joe Mullins, Delta Reign, The Onlies, and Adkins & Loudermilk
201511 13/Mar/2015 Great new releases including new ones from Sydney band Catgut, Adkins & Loudermilk, The Farm Hands Quartet, and the Clay Hess Band.
201510 6/Mar/2015 The greatest new releases in the acoustic music and bluegrass world. Including Europe's number 1 band, Dunderhead from Sweden
201509 27/Feb/2015 New bluegrass, newgrass and acoustic country releases - the best we can find anywhere
201508 20/Feb/2015 Our unique SELECTAMATIC picks the show for us - our patented ultra-high-technology machine that selects tunes from the library according to a wide range of parameters
201507 13/Feb/2015 The Grass Cats / The Old School Road / New Time Records
201506 6/Feb/2015 The Gibson Brothers / Brotherhood / Rounder
201505 30/Jan/2015 All the best new releases Bluegrass, newgrass and acoustic country I can find anywhere in the world
201503 16/Jan/2015 Darin & Brooke Aldridge / Snapshots / Mountain Home Records
201502 9/Jan/2015 The best new releases bluegrass, newgrass and acoustic country in the acoustic music world this week.
201501 2/Jan/2015 The best new bluegrass, newgrass and acoustic country we can find anywhere . guaranteed!!!
201451 19/Dec/2014 Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver / In Session / Mountain Home Records
201450 12/Dec/2014 Our 18th annual Christmas Special - celebrating a bluegrass summer southern hemisphere christmas
201449 5/Dec/2014 New releases bluegrass, newgrass and acoustic country - and LOTS of it!! The best we can find anywhere.
201448 28/Nov/2014 Plenty of great new bluegrass, newgrass and acoustic country music, including some comedy from Australia
201447 21/Nov/2014 NINE new Cds to introduce, and lots of great new music never played on the show before.
201445 7/Nov/2014 Our unique SELECTAMATIC picks the show for us - our patented ultra-high-technology machine that selects tunes from the library according to a wide range of parameters
201444 31/Oct/2014 The best new releases bluegrass, newgrass and acoustic country music in the world
201443 24/Oct/2014 More of the best new releases bluegrass and acoustic country available anywhere
201440 3/Oct/2014 The best new releases newgrass, acoustic country and BLUEGRASS we can find anywhere in the world this week.
201439 26/Sep/2014 Becky Buller / 'Tween Earth & Sky / Dark Shadow Recordings
201438 19/Sep/2014 Lonesome River Band / Turn on a Dime / Mountain Home Records
201437 12/Sep/2014 The best new releases bluegrass, newgrass and acoustic country in the acoustic music world this week.
201436 5/Sep/2014 Donna Hughes / From The Heart / Running Dog Records
201434 22/Aug/2014 The best new bluegrass in the world this week.
201433 15/Aug/2014 Wayne Taylor / Movin' On / Raincoe Records
201430 25/Jul/2014 Roland White Band / Straight Ahead Bluegrass / Independent
201428 11/Jul/2014 The best new bluegrass, newgrass and acoustic country music in the world today.
201427 4/Jul/2014 The Missy Werner Band / Turn This Heart Around / Independent
201426 27/Jun/2014 Flatt Lonesome / Too / Mountain Home Records
201425 20/Jun/2014 Davidson Brothers / Wanderlust / Independent
201424 14/Jun/2014 Tim Stafford / Just To Hear The Whistle Blow / Independent
201423 6/Jun/2014 More of the best new releases bluegrass and acoustic country available anywhere.
201422 30/May/2014 Balsam Range / Five / Mountain Home Recordings
201420 16/May/2014 New releases bluegrass, newgrass and acoustic country - and LOTS of it!! The best we can find anywhere.
201419 9/May/2014 The best new bluegrass and acoustic country in the world this week
201418 2/May/2014 Richard Bennett / In The Wind Somewhere / Lonesome Day Records
201417 25/Apr/2014 ANZAC Day special - played remembrance songs, told some yarns and had some laughs for Australia's most important day of the year
201416 18/Apr/2014 Close Kin / Close Kin: Our Roots Run Deep / Mountain Roads Recordings
201415 11/Apr/2014 The best new releases bluegrass in the world. Playing new music from Kathy Kallick, Ashley Lewis, Darren Nicholson, Close Kin, Becky Buller, Clinch Mountain Misfits, Volume Five to name but a few.
201414 4/Apr/2014 Darren Nicholson / Things Left Undone / Bearded Baby Productions
201413 28/Mar/2014 Feller & Hill and the Bluegrass Buckaroos / Here Come Feller & Hill ... Again! / Blue Circle Records
201412 21/Mar/2014 At a listener's request, played the dice game. Threw a dice to select which track off each CD to play.
201411 14/Mar/2014 Dave Adkins / Nothing To Lose / Mountain Fever Records
201410 7/Mar/2014 Special Consensus / Country Boy: A Bluegrass Tribute to John Denver / Compass Records
201409 28/Feb/2014 The best and latest new releases bluegrass in the world
201408 21/Feb/2014 The best new releases bluegrass I can find anywhere.
201407 14/Feb/2014 Holly Norman / Appalachian Angel / Freedom Entertainment
201405 31/Jan/2014 Rhonda Vincent / Only Me / Upper Management Music
201404 24/Jan/2014 Ash Breeze / Ash Breeze / Mountain Fever Records
201403 17/Jan/2014 Blue Highway / The Game / Rounder
201402 10/Jan/2014 Irene Kelley / Pennsylvania Coal / Patio Records
201401 3/Jan/2014 More great new releases bluegrass, including new music from youngsters Clancy Ferguson, and Summer McMahan
201352 27/Dec/2013 Our unique SELECTAMATIC picks the show for us - our patented ultra-high-technology machine that selects tunes from the library according to a wide range of parameters.
201351 20/Dec/2013 A show packed with great new-releases bluegrass - the best I can find anywhere
201350 13/Dec/2013 Our annual Christmas special show - featuring a lot of bluegrass Christmas songs, some new, some old, some from Australia, some from Overseas, but all terrific.
201349 6/Dec/2013 New bluegrass galore including some classic 1980s acoustic music from the Australian band the Flying Emus - reforming for a tour in 2014
201348 29/Nov/2013 The Grascals / When I Get My Pay / Mountain Home Records
201346 15/Nov/2013 Idletymes / Poor Mountain Home / Poor Mountain Records
201345 8/Nov/2013 Darin & Brooke Aldridge / Flying / Independent
201343 25/Oct/2013 James King / Three Chords & The Truth / Rounder
201342 18/Oct/2013 Alan Jackson / The Bluegrass Album / EMI
201341 11/Oct/2013 Edgar Loudermilk / My Big Chance Tomorrow / Mountain Home Records
201340 4/Oct/2013 Donna Ulisse / Showin' My Roots / Hadley Music Group
201338 20/Sep/2013 The Bankesters / Love Has Wheels / Compass Records
201337 13/Sep/2013 Another use of our unique, patent-pending tool in high technology radio programming - the brand new patented SELECTAMATIC - it picks random songs from the library automatically, based on a range of sophisticated parameters
201336 6/Sep/2013 Lorraine Jordan & Carolina Road / Lorraine Jordan & Carolina Road / Pinecastle Records
201335 30/Aug/2013 The best of the new bluegrass releases of the last month or so
201334 23/Aug/2013 The best of the new bluegrass releases of the last month or so
201333 16/Aug/2013 Terry Baucom / Never Thought Of Looking Back / Independent
201332 9/Aug/2013 Chris Jones & The Night Drivers / Lonely Comes Easy / Rebel
201331 2/Aug/2013 Hamilton County Bluegrass Band / Tavern Revisited / EMI
201330 26/Jul/2013 Jason Davis / Second Time Around / Mountain Fever Records
201329 19/Jul/2013 A show packed with great new-releases bluegrass - the best I can find anywhere
201328 12/Jul/2013 The Spinney Brothers / No Borders / Independent
201327 5/Jul/2013 The Clinton Gregory Bluegrass Band / Roots Of My Raising / Melody Roundup Music
201326 28/Jun/2013 Rebecca Frazier / When We Fall / Compass Records
201325 21/Jun/2013 Sideline / Session 1 / Mountain Fever
201324 14/Jun/2013 Big Country Bluegrass / Memories Of The Past / Rebel Records
201323 7/Jun/2013 Another use of our unique, patent pending tool in high technology radio programming - the brand new patented SELECTAMATIC - it picks songs from the library automatically, based on a range of sophisticated parameters
201322 31/May/2013 The Roys / Gypsy Runaway Train / Rural Rhythm Records
201321 24/May/2013 The Expedition Show / Stormy Horizons / Mountain Fever Records
201320 17/May/2013 The Boxcars / It's Just A Road / Mountain Home Records
201319 10/May/2013 Frank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen / On The Edge / Compass Records
201318 3/May/2013 Don Rigsby / Doctor's Orders a tribute to Ralph Stanley / Rebel Records
201317 26/Apr/2013 ANZAC Day special - it's the main day of Remembrance for Aussies and Kiwis. A solemn national day.
201316 19/Apr/2013 Feller & Hill and the Bluegrass Buckaroos / Feller & Hill and the Bluegrass Buckaroos / Blue Circle Records
201315 12/Apr/2013 Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver / Roads Well Traveled / Cross Roads Music
201314 5/Apr/2013 Karen Lynne / Shine Your Light / Independent
201313 29/Mar/2013 Aaron Ramsey / Gathering / Independent
201312 22/Mar/2013 The Gibson Brothers / They Called It Music / Compass Records
201311 15/Mar/2013 The Blue Canyon Boys / Next Go Round / Independent
201310 8/Mar/2013 Sutton, Holt & Coleman / Ready For The Times / Independent
201309 1/Mar/2013 Audie Blaylock & Redline / Hard Country / Rural Rhythm Records
201307 15/Feb/2013 The Steeldrivers / Hammer Down / Rounder
201306 8/Feb/2013 Various Artists / God Didn't Choose Sides Vol 1 / Rural Rhythm Records
201305 1/Feb/2013 Daughters of Bluegrass / Pickin' Like A Girl / Blue Circle Records
201304 25/Jan/2013 A Deeper Shade of Blue / No More Blues / Independent
201303 18/Jan/2013 Another use of our unique, patent pending tool in high technology radio programming - the brand new patented SELECTAMATIC - it picks songs from the library automatically, based on a range of sophisticated parameters
201302 11/Jan/2013 Russell Moore & IIIrd Tyme Out / Timeless Hits from Past Bluegrassed / Cracker Barrell
201301 4/Jan/2013 Ricky Skaggs / Music To My Ears / Skaggs Family Records
201252 28/Dec/2012 Focus on the Bluegrass Unlimited National Bluegrass Survey - the BU Chart, which this year commemorated 20 years publishing
201251 21/Dec/2012 Bearfoot / Follow Me / Independent
201250 14/Dec/2012 Annual Christmas special - Christmas songs with a summer - southern hemisphere twist to it, plus some of the old favourites.
201249 7/Dec/2012 Pure & Simple / Robert Hale / Pinecastle
201248 30/Nov/2012 Debuting the latest in high technology radio programming - the brand new patented SELECTAMATIC - it picks songs from the library automatically, based on a range of sophisticated parameters
201247 23/Nov/2012 Joe Mullins & The Radio Ramblers / They're Playing My Song / Rebel Records
201246 16/Nov/2012 Dan Paisley & the Southern Grass / Road Into Town / Patuxent Music
201245 9/Nov/2012 Kenny and Amanda Smith / Catch Me if I Try / Independent
201244 2/Nov/2012 Lonesome River Band /Chronology Vol 3 / Rural Rhythm Records
201242 19/Oct/2012 American Drive / American Drive / Rural Rhythm
201241 12/Oct/2012 Balsam Range / Papertown / Mountain Home Records
201240 5/Oct/2012 Kathy Kallick Band / Time / Live Oak Records
201238 21/Sep/2012 Mark Houser & Bluegrass Drive / Uneven Road / Independent
201237 14/Sep/2012 The Grass Cats / The Mountains My Baby and Me / New Time Records
201236 7/Sep/2012 Jerry Salley / Showing My Age / Very Jerry Records
201235 31/Aug/2012 The Little Roy & Lizzy Show / Lord In The Morning / Crossroads Music
201234 24/Aug/2012 No special feature today - there's too much new music to go through. Instead just playing a whole show of music never played on Foggy Hollow before.
201233 17/Aug/2012 Darrell Webb Band / Breaking Down The Barriers / Rural Rhythm Records
201232 10/Aug/2012 Richard Bennett / Last Train From Poor Valley / Lonesome Day Records
201231 3/Aug/2012 Jeff Parker / GO Parker! / Lonesome Day Records
201230 27/Jul/2012 The Lonesome River Band / Chronology Vol 2 / Rural Rhythm Records
201225 22/Jun/2012 Audie Blaylock & Redline / Hard Country / Rural Rhythm Records
201224 15/Jun/2012 Breaking Grass / Breaking Grass / Independent
201223 8/Jun/2012 The Bankester Family / Looking Forward / Independent
201222 1/Jun/2012 Nightflyer / Nightflyer / Independent
201221 25/May/2012 Travers Chandler & Avery County / Pardon Me ... / Mountain Fever Records
201220 18/May/2012 Detour / A Better Place / Independent
201219 11/May/2012 Lou Reid & Carolina / Callin' Me Back Home / Rural Rhythym Records
201218 4/May/2012 Our 500th show for WAMU's!! Only the best music, and talking to some of the people who have made the show what it is.
201217 27/Apr/2012 ANZAC Day Special - songs and stories of remembrance
201216 20/Apr/2012 Carrie Hassler / The Distance / Rural Rhythm Records
201215 13/Apr/2012 Steep Canyon Rangers / Nobody Knows You / Rounder
201214 6/Apr/2012 Special Consensus / Scratch Gravel Road / Compass Records
201213 30/Mar/2012 The Spinney Brothers / Memories / Mountain Fever Records
201212 23/Mar/2012 The Boxcars / All in / Crossroads Music
201211 16/Mar/2012 The Grascals / Life Finds A Way / Mountain Home Records
201210 9/Mar/2012 Lonesome River Band / Chronology Volume 1 / Rural Rhythm Records
201209 2/Mar/2012 Tom T Hall and Dixie Hall feature - every song in the show written by them, performed by a variety of bands.
201208 24/Feb/2012 Sweet Potato Pie / Brand New Day / Mountain Fever Records
201207 17/Feb/2012 Merl Johnson / Better Man / Patuxent Records
201206 10/Feb/2012 Heather Berry & Tony Mabe / The Heather Berry & Tony Mabe Show / Mountain Fever Records
201205 3/Feb/2012 Freeman & Williams / Freeman & Williams / Mountain Roads Recordings
201203 20/Jan/2012 Bill Emerson & Sweet Dixie / The Touch Of Time / Rural Rhythm
201202 13/Jan/2012 Bluegrass Martins / World Of Our Own / Independent
201201 6/Jan/2012 Newtown / Newtown / Independent
201153 30/Dec/2011 Kenny Smith / Return / Independent
201152 23/Dec/2011 Rural Rhythm Records Salutes Bill Monroe - the 100th Year Celebration Live at Bean Blossom
201151 16/Dec/2011 Our 15th Annual Christmas Special - lots of new and old favourite Christmas songs, and talk about Aussie Christmas in the heat of summer.
201150 9/Dec/2011 Laurie Lewis / Skippin' And Flyin' / Spruce & Maple Music
201149 2/Dec/2011 Eddie & Martha Adcock / Many A Mile / Patuxent Music
201148 25/Nov/2011 Dale Ann Bradley / Somewhere South of Crazy / Compass Music
201146 11/Nov/2011 Russell Moore & IIIrd Tyme Out / Prime Tyme / Rural Rhythm Records
201145 4/Nov/2011 Nu-Blu / The Blu-Disc / Pinecastle Records
201144 28/Oct/2011 Shenandoah Drive / Old Dirt Road / Independent
201143 21/Oct/2011 Carolina Road / Back To My Roots / Rural Rhythm Records
201142 14/Oct/2011 Nothin' Fancy / Nothin' Fancy / Virginia Dreams Records
201141 7/Oct/2011 The Missy Werner Band / Three Kinds Of Lonesome / Independent
201140 30/Sep/2011 Junior Sisk & Ramblers Choice / The Heart Of A Song / Rebel
201139 23/Sep/2011 Wayne Taylor & Appaloosa / It's Gonna Be A Beautiful Day / Raincoe Records
201138 16/Sep/2011 Hunter & Suzy Owens / Heartsongs / Independent
201137 9/Sep/2011 David Parmley & Continental Divide / Church House Hymns II / DP & CD Records
201136 2/Sep/2011 John Reischman & The Jaybirds / Vintage & Unique / Corvus Records
201135 26/Aug/2011 Darin & Brooke Aldridge / So Much in Between / Cross Roads Music
201134 19/Aug/2011 Reviewed some of the nominees for the forthcoming 2011 IBMA Awards
201133 12/Aug/2011 Bill Monroe Centennial Celebration a Classic Bluegrass Tribute / Compilation / Rounder
201132 5/Aug/2011 Blue Highway / Sounds Of Home / Rounder Records
201130 22/Jul/2011 Russell Johnson / Anytime Anyplace but Only You / New Time Records
201128 8/Jul/2011 The Davidson Brothers / Here to Stay / Independent
201127 1/Jul/2011 The Bankester Family / The Bankesters / Blue Circle Records
201126 24/Jun/2011 Donna Ulisse / An Easy Climb / Hadley Music Group
201125 17/Jun/2011 Thomas Porter & Copper River Band / Trolley Days / Independent
201124 10/Jun/2011 New River Line / I'm Moving On / Kindred Records
201123 3/Jun/2011 Kruger Brothers / Forever And a Day / Double Time Music
201122 27/May/2011 Steve Spurgin / Past Perfect / Blue Night Records
201121 20/May/2011 Louisa Branscomb / I'll Take Love / Compass Records
201120 13/May/2011 Ashlee Blankenship & Shades of Blue / Ashlee Blankenship & Shades of Blue / Mountain Fever
201119 6/May/2011 Audie Blaylock & Redline / I'm Going Back To Old Kentucky / Rural Rhythm
201118 29/Apr/2011 Michael Cleveland & Flamekeeper / Fired Up / Rounder
201117 22/Apr/2011 Our annual ANZAC Day special - lots of music and stories for remembrance of those who put themselves in harms way for us. Also a special segment in tribute for our friend Erio Meili who died suddenly.
201116 15/Apr/2011 James Reams & The Barnstormers / One Foot In The Honkytonk / Mountain Redbird Records
201115 8/Apr/2011 Cedar Hill / I've Got A Thing About Doors / Blue Circle Records
201114 1/Apr/2011 Larry Sparks / Almost Home / Rounder
201113 25/Mar/2011 Charlie Sizemore / Heartache Looking For A Home / Rounder
201112 18/Mar/2011 Steve Martin & the Steep Canyon Rangers / Rare Bird Alert / Rounder
201111 11/Mar/2011 Larry Cordle & Lonesome Standard Time / Pud Marcum's Hangin' / Mighty Cord Records
201110 4/Mar/2011 Sierra Hull / Daybreak / Rounder
201109 25/Feb/2011 Patty Loveless / Mountain Soul II / Saguaro Road
201108 18/Feb/2011 The Gibson Brothers / Help My Brother / Compass Records
201107 11/Feb/2011 The Grascals / Country Classics with a Bluegrass Spin / Cracker Barrel-Rounder
201106 4/Feb/2011 James Alan Shelton / Where I'm Bound / Shelltone Records
201105 28/Jan/2011 The Hagars Mountain Boys / Where's The Lonesome / Mountain Fever Records
201104 21/Jan/2011 Edgar Loudermilk / Roads Traveled / Mountain Fever Records
201103 14/Jan/2011 Featured the work of legendary songwriter Harley Allen
201102 7/Jan/2011 Valerie Smith & Liberty Pike / Blame It On The Bluegrass / Bell Buckle Records
201052 24/Dec/2010 Ned Crisp and Bottomline / Taking The Backroads Home / Blue Circle Records
201051 17/Dec/2010 Bobby Osborne & Rocky Top X-Press / Memories / Rounder
201050 10/Dec/2010 Christmas Special - Australian summer time Christmas songs and classic bluegrass.
201049 3/Dec/2010 Runaway Express / Howlin' At The Moon / Independent
201048 26/Nov/2010 Rhonda Vincent / Taken / Upper Management Music
201046 12/Nov/2010 Blue Moon Rising / Strange New World / Rural Rhythm Records
201045 5/Nov/2010 Lonesome Traveler / Looking For A Way / Independent
201044 26/Oct/2010 Played the dice game - threw a pair of dice at the start of the show. Got 5, so played track 5 from each CD in the show this week.
201043 22/Oct/2010 Emory Lester / Reminiscing Today / Independent
201042 12/Oct/2010 Joe Diffie / Homecoming: The Bluegrass Album / Rounder
201041 8/Oct/2010 Lost and Found / Down On Sawmill Road / Rebel
201040 1/Oct/2010 Chris Hillman and Herb Pedersen / At Edwards Barn / Rounder
201039 24/Sep/2010 Balsam Range / Trains I Missed / Cross Roads
201038 17/Sep/2010 The Boxcars / The Boxcars / Crossroads Music
201037 11/Sep/2010 Wayne Taylor & Appaloosa / Out In The Middle Of Nowhere / Raincoe Records
201036 3/Sep/2010 Darin & Brooke Aldridge / Darin & Brooke Aldridge / Crossroads Music
201035 27/Aug/2010 The Bartley Brothers / Hit The Road / Rural Rhythm Records
201034 20/Aug/2010 Darrell Webb / Blood Line / Rural Rhythm
201033 13/Aug/2010 Lonesome River Band / Still Learning / Rural Rhythm Records
201033 13/Aug/2010 Lonesome River Band / Still Learning / Rural Rhythm
201032 6/Aug/2010 Rich In Tradition / Black Mountain Special / Mountain Roads Recordings and Pam Gadd joined me on the phone from Nashville for a splendid interview.
201031 30/Jul/2010 Frank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen / Frank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen / Independent
201030 21/Jul/2010 The Blue Canyon Boys / Mountain Bound / Independent
201029 16/Jul/2010 Maro Kawabata / Sunset Drive / FGM Records
201028 9/Jul/2010 Jetts Creek / Guilty / Independent
201027 3/Jul/2010 Songwriter Thomas Porter / Thomas Porter / Independent
201026 25/Jun/2010 Volume Five / Down In A Cell / Independent
201025 18/Jun/2010 A gambling show - picked the tracks by throwing dice at the top of the show. It came up 3 so i played track 3 of each album in the show. Hawkesbury Radio's scientific programming - cheaper than focus groups and surveys!
201024 11/Jun/2010 Featured a live chat from Kathy Kallick and I featured the Kathy Kallick Band's new CD called "Between The Hollow And The Highrise" (Liveoak Records)
201023 4/Jun/2010 Dierks Bentley / Up On The Ridge / Capitol
201022 28/May/2010 No particular feature this week, just lots of great music
201021 21/May/2010 Sawmill Road / Fire On The Kettle / Independent
201020 14/May/2010 Darren Beachley & the Legends Of The Potomac / Takeoff / Patuxent Music and Australian bluegrass singer Karen Lynne visited live in the studio for a lengthy chat.
201019 7/May/2010 Lorraine Jordan & Carolina Road / Carolina Hurricane / Rural Rhythm Records
201018 30/Apr/2010 The John Hartford Stringband / Memories of John / Red Clay Records - Compass Records
201017 23/Apr/2010 Eleventh annual ANZAC Day Remembrance special. Told stories and played music to remind us of those who have been in harm's way to protect our freedoms.
201016 16/Apr/2010 The songwriting work of Mark 'Brink' Brinkman - his new CD and some of his songs performed by other artists and had a phone interview with Brink. Also a phone interview with Caroline Wright about her new book, 'STILL INSIDE: THE TONY RICE STORY'
201014 2/Apr/2010 The Hagar's Mountain Boys / Forever Yours / Independent
201013 26/Mar/2010 Audie Blaylock & Redline / Cryin' Heart Blues / Rural Rhythm Records
201012 19/Mar/2010 Josh Williams Band / Down Home / Independent
201011 12/Mar/2010 Featured the new songs of the songwriting powerhouse Dixie Hall and Tom T Hall. Many new songs recorded by various bands throughout the show demonstrate the amazing breadth of talent in that songwriting team.
201010 5/Mar/2010 Brand New Strings / No Strings Attached / Rural Rhythm Records
201009 26/Feb/2010 Michael Martin Murphey / Buckaroo Blue Grass II - Riding Song / Rural Rhythm
201008 20/Feb/2010 The Chapmans / Grown Up (A Revisionist History) / Compass Records
201007 12/Feb/2010 Randy Kohrs / Quicksand / Rural Rhythm Records
201006 5/Feb/2010 Bill Emerson & Sweet Dixie / Southern / Rural Rhythm
201003 15/Jan/2010 Heather Bristow / Hope On The Vine / Independent
201002 8/Jan/2010 Blue Highway / Some Day: the Fifteenth Anniversary Collection / Rounder
201001 1/Jan/2010 Chris Warner / Goin' To The Dance / Patuxent Music
200952 25/Dec/2009 The year in review - the projects added to the library during 2009
200951 19/Dec/2009 High Country / Perfect Companions / Squirty Records
200950 11/Dec/2009 Christmas special - played Christmas songs, including some Aussie ones, talked about what Christmas is like in the southern hemisphere and had a laugh or two as well
200949 4/Dec/2009 Hungry Hill / Ride / Independent
200948 27/Nov/2009 Bluestone Junction / Turn Your Radio On / Independent
200946 13/Nov/2009 Used our revolutionary scientific programming method ( patent pending) developed here in Foggy Hollow - threw the dice - they came up 10, played track 10 on every CD this week.
200945 6/Nov/2009 Karen Lynne / Wishing Well / ABC Heartland
200944 30/Oct/2009 Ralph Stanley and the Clinch Mountain Boys featuring Charlie Sizemore / Can't You Hear the Mountains Calling / Rounder
200943 23/Oct/2009 The Del McCoury Band / Family Circle / McCoury Music
200942 16/Oct/2009 Steep Canyon Rangers / Deep In The Shade / Rebel
200941 9/Oct/2009 Gold Heart / My Sisters And Me / Rural Rhythm
200940 2/Oct/2009 The Spinney Brothers / When The Golden Leaves Begin To Fall / Independent
200939 25/Sep/2009 Grasstowne / The Other Side of Towne / Pinecastle
200938 18/Sep/2009 Claire Lynch / Whatcha Gonna Do / Rounder
200937 11/Sep/2009 Grass Cats / A Good Way To Get The Blues / New Time Records
200936 4/Sep/2009 Adam Steffey / One More For The Road / Sugar Hill
200935 28/Aug/2009 Profiled songwriter and publisher Mark "Brink" Brinkman
200934 21/Aug/2009 Naomi Sommers / Gentle As The Sun / American Melody
200933 14/Aug/2009 Ricky Skaggs Solo / Songs My Dad Loved / Skaggs Family Records
200932 7/Aug/2009 Lou Reid & Carolina / My Own Set Of Rules / Rural Rhythm Records
200931 1/Jul/2009 Brandon Rickman / Young Man, Old Soul / Rural Rhythm Records
200930 24/Jul/2009 Flatpicking Bluegrass / Various artists / FGM Records
200929 17/Jul/2009 Marty Rabon & Full Circle / This, That & The Other / Independent
200928 10/Jul/2009 No new show this week - Mike was sick with pig flu and beriberi - so we are rebroadcasting a show from earlier this year
200927 3/Jul/2009 Blue and Lonesome / Some Old Day / Independent
200926 26/Jun/2009 Dale Ann Bradley / Don't Turn Your Back / Compass Records
200925 19/Jun/2009 Joe Mullins & The Radio Ramblers / Ramblers Call / Independent
200924 12/Jun/2009 Mac Wiseman / Bluegrass Hits & Heartsongs / Rebel
200923 5/Jun/2009 Russell Moore & IIIrd Tyme Out / Russell Moore & IIIrd Tyme Out / Rural Rhythm
200922 29/May/2009 First hour programmed by listener Ken Bultman ALSO featured Newfound Road / Same Old Place / Rounder
200921 22/May/2009 David Davis & The Warrior River Boys / Two Dimes & A Nickel / Rebel
200920 15/May/2009 The Gibson Brothers / Ring The Bell / Compass Records
200919 8/May/2009 Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver / Lonely Street / Rounder
200918 1/May/2009 Dailey & Vincent / Brothers from Different Mothers / Rounder
200917 24/Apr/2009 ANZAC Day special - played remembrance songs, told some yarns and had some laughs for Australia's most important day of the year
200916 17/Apr/2009 Rhonda Vincent / Destination Life / Rounder
200915 10/Apr/2009 Wayne Taylor & Appaloosa / Wayne Taylor & Appaloosa / Independent
200914 3/Apr/2009 Bobby Osborne and the Rocky-Top Xpress / Bluegrass and Beyond / Rounder
200913 27/Mar/2009 One Lonely Shadow / Blue Moon Rising / Lonesome Day Records . ALSO Played the dice game - threw the dice at the start of the show to determine which track to play throughout the show
200912 20/Mar/2009 Johnny Williams / Last Day of Galax / Mountain Roads Recordings
200911 13/Mar/2009 Lost & Found / Love, Lost & Found / Rebel
200910 6/Mar/2009 Paul Williams & The Victory Trio / What a Journey / Rebel
200909 27/Feb/2009 Missy Raines & The New Hip / Inside Out / Compass Records
200908 20/Feb/2009 The Lawsons Band / Shout It From The Highest Hill / Kindred Records
200907 13/Feb/2009 Michael Martin Murphey / Buckaroo Blue Grass / Rural Rhythm Records
200906 6/Feb/2009 Special Consensus / Signs / Pinecastle
200905 30/Jan/2009 Balsam Range / Last Train to Kitty Hawk / Cross Roads Music
200904 23/Jan/2009 Kristin Scott Benson / Second Season / Pinecastle
200903 16/Jan/2009 Audie Blaylock & Redline / Audie Blaylock & Redline / Rural Rhythm Records
200902 9/Jan/2009 Donna Ulisse / Walk This Mountain Down / Hadley Music Group
200901 2/Jan/2009 Pam Gadd / Benefit of Doubt / Home Sweet Highway Productions
200852 26/Dec/2008 Jeanette Williams / Thank You For Caring / Blue Circle Records
200851 19/Dec/2008 Valentine's day special - in response to listener Jane's request, we play a whole show of love-related songs so she can learn them in time for Valentine's day.
200850 12/Dec/2008 Christmas Special also featured Blue Circle Records' Christmas In Carolina and talked a bit about what a Summer Christmas is like in Australia.
200849 5/Dec/2008 The Bankester Family / Somewhere In Between / Independent. Also played the top 30 songs in Bluegrass Unlimited December Chart.
200848 28/Nov/2008 Nothin' Fancy / Lord Bless This House / Pinecastle
200847 21/Nov/2008 Patuxent Partners / Seven Or Eleven / Patuxent Music
200846 14/Nov/2008 David Parmley & Continental Divide / Three Silver Dollars / Pinecastle
200845 7/Nov/2008 Beth Stevens & Edge / Strong Enough / Pinecastle
200844 31/Oct/2008 Ernie Thacker / The Hangman / Pinecastle
200843 24/Oct/2008 Robin & Linda Williams / Buena Vista / Red Home Records
200842 17/Oct/2008 Chris Stuart & Back Country / Crooked Man / Backcountry Music
200841 10/Oct/2008 Lonesome River Band / No Turning Back / Rural Rhythm
200840 3/Oct/2008 Women in Bluegrass special - all cuts on the show either were BY a female artist, or the principal performer is female. ALSO featured The Daughters of Bluegrass / Bluegrass Bouquet / Blue Circle Records
200839 26/Sep/2008 Kenny and Amanda Smith Band / Live and Learn / Rebel
200838 19/Sep/2008 At a listener's request, played the dice game - threw a dice at the start of the show, and since it came up 3, played track 3 on every album played throughout the show.
200837 12/Sep/2008 Michael Cleveland & Flamekeeper / Leavin' Town / Rounder
200836 5/Sep/2008 Cherryholmes / Cherryholmes III: Don't Believe / Skaggs Family Records
200835 29/Aug/2008 Cody Shuler & Pine Mountain Railroad / Pickin' Praisin' & Singin': Hymns From The Mountain / Rural Rhythm
200834 22/Aug/2008 Valerie Smith & Becky Buller/ Here's A Little Song ... /Bell Buckle Records
200833 15/Aug/2008 Big Country Bluegrass / Open For Business / Mountain Roads Recordings
200832 8/Aug/2008 Doc Watson / Americana Master Series : The Best Of the Sugar Hill Years / Sugar Hill
200831 1/Aug/2008 Ricky Skaggs / Americana Master Series: The Best of the Sugar Hill Years / Sugar Hill
200830 25/Jul/2008 The Whippersnappers - a look at some of the work of young bluegrass artists
200829 18/Jul/2008 Adcock, Gaudreau, Waller & Gray / The Country Gentlemen REunion Band / Independent
200828 11/Jul/2008 Sierra Hull / Secrets / Rounder
200827 4/Jul/2008 The Grascals / Keep On Walking / Rounder
200826 27/Jun/2008 Jim Lauderdale / The Bluegrass Diaries / Yep Roc Music
200825 20/Jun/2008 Junior Sisk & Rambler's Choice / Blue Side Of The Blue Ridge / Rebel
200824 13/Jun/2008 Dan Tyminski / Wheels / Rounder
200823 6/Jun/2008 Heather Berry & Tony / Before Bluegrass / Blue Circle Records
200822 30/May/2008 The Spinney Brothers / Going Home / Independent
200821 23/May/2008 Northern Lights / One Day / Fifty Fifty Music
200820 16/May/2008 High Windy / Greater Storm / Cross Roads Music
200819 9/May/2008 Larry Sparks / I Don't Regret A Mile / Larry Sparks Music
200818 2/May/2008 Bobby Osborne & Rocky Top X-Press / Bluegrass Melodies / Rounder
200817 25/Apr/2008 ANZAC Day Special- it's the main day of Remembrance for Aussies and Kiwis. A solemn and reflective national day.
200816 18/Apr/2008 Jimmy Gaudreau & Moondi Klein / 2:10 Train / Rebel
200815 11/Apr/2008 Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver / Help Is On The Way / Horizon Records
200814 4/Apr/2008 Longview / Deep In The Mountains / Rounder ALSO played a lengthy interview with mandolin maker Stephen Gilchrist in 4 parts
200813 28/Mar/2008 The Gibson Brothers / Iron & Diamonds / Sugar Hill
200812 21/Mar/2008 The Seldom Scene / Scenechronized / Sugar Hill
200811 14/Mar/2008 Blue Highway / Through The Window OF A Train / Rounder
200810 7/Mar/2008 Ricky Skaggs & Kentucky Thunder / Honoring The Fathers of Bluegrass - Tribute to 1946 and 1947 / Skaggs Family Records
200809 29/Feb/2008 Dailey and Vincent / Dailey and Vincent / Rounder
200808 22/Feb/2008 Played the gambling game - threw the dice at the start of the show - came up 4 ... so played track 4 of every CD
200807 15/Feb/2008 The Dixie Bee-Liners / Ripe / Pinecastle
200806 7/Feb/2008 Wayne Taylor / Dear Mom / Independent
200805 1/Feb/2008 Tim Hensley / Long Monday / Rural Rythm Records
200802 11/Jan/2008 The Charlie Sizemore Band / Good News / Rounder
200801 3/Jan/2008 Mountain Heart / Road That Never Ends: The Live Album / Rural Rhythm
200752 28/Dec/2007 Gary Ferguson and Friends / Live at Podunk / Patuxent Music
200751 21/Dec/2007 Rhonda Vincent / Good Thing Going / Rounder
200750 14/Dec/2007 Christmas special, also featured 3 Fox Drive and Friends / Christmas Grass Col 3 / Koch
200749 7/Dec/2007 Davidson Brothers / Davidson Brothers / Independent
200747 23/Nov/2007 Dan Paisley & The Southern Grass / The Tradition Continues / Independent
200746 16/Nov/2007 Cedar Hill / Poverty Road / Blue Circle Records
200745 9/Nov/2007 Cory & Jarrod Walker / New Branches / Independent
200744 2/Nov/2007 Claire Lynch / Crowd Favorites / Rounder
200743 26/Oct/2007 Darren Nicholson / Darren Nicholson / Independent
200742 19/Oct/2007 Larry Cordle and Lonesome Standard Time / Took Down and Put Up / Lonesome Day Records
200741 12/Oct/2007 Bill Emerson & the Sweet Dixie Band / Bill Emerson & the Sweet Dixie Band / Rebel
200740 4/Oct/2007 Balsam Range / Marching Home / Crossroads Music
200739 28/Sep/2007 Merle Haggard / The Bluegrass Sessions / McCoury Music
200738 21/Sep/2007 Buddy Greene / Happy Man / Rufus Music
200737 14/Sep/2007 Special show comprised entirely of songs written by Tom T Hall and Dixie Hall. Also featured "Tom T Hall sings Miss Dixie and Tom T" / Blue Circle Records
200736 7/Sep/2007 Tommy Webb / Eastern Kentucky / Kindred Records
200735 31/Aug/2007 Sally Jones / Songs About Us / Gal Sal Music
200734 24/Aug/2007 Donna Ulisse / When I Look back / Hadley Music Group
200733 17/Aug/2007 Curly Seckler / Bluegrass Don't You Know / Copper Creek
200732 10/Aug/2007 Steep Canyon Rangers / Lovin' Pretty Women / Rebel
200731 3/Aug/2007 Ronnie McCoury / Litlte Mo' McCoury / McCoury Music
200730 27/Jul/2007 Chris Cairns / Hello Blue / Fireheart Records
200729 20/Jul/2007 Grasstowne / The Road Heading Home / Pinecastle ALSO Steve Gulley / Sounds Like Home / Lonesome Day Records
200728 13/Jul/2007 Honi Deaton & Dream /Chasin' Dreams / Lamon Records
200727 6/Jul/2007 Lewis, Scruggs & Long / Lifetimes / Crossroads music
200726 29/Jun/2007 Hunter Berry / Wow Baby! / Independent
200722 1/Jun/2007 Copper Kettle / Coal Rabbit / Independent ALSO True Gospel / Compilation / Rebel
200721 25/May/2007 Cherryholmes / Black and White / Skaggs Family Records ALSO The Dappled Grays / Doin' My Job / Independent
200720 18/May/2007 Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver / More Behind The Picture Than The Wall / Rounder
200719 11/May/2007 Lorraine Jordan & Carolina Road / Carolina Road / Blue Circle Records
200718 4/May/2007 Went back through the most recent CDs received at Foggy Hollow Central, playing one from each.
200717 27/Apr/2007 Jack Cooke / Sittin' On Top Of The World / Pinecastle ALSO featured some songs for ANZAC Day
200716 20/Apr/2007 David Parmley and Continental Divide / Church House Hymns / DP&D Records
200715 13/Apr/2007 Larry Sparks / The Last Suit You Wear / McCoury Music
200714 6/Apr/2007 Randy Kohrs / Old Photograph / Rural Rhythm Records
200714 6/Apr/2007 Randy Kohrs / Old Photograph / Rural Rhythm Records
200713 30/Mar/2007 The Circuit Riders / Let The Ride Begin / Pinecastle
200711 16/Mar/2007 Laurie Lewis & the Right Hands / The Golden West ALSO Special Concensus / The Trail Of Aching Hearts
200709 2/Mar/2007 Kenny and Amanda Smith Band / Tell Someone / Rebel
200708 23/Feb/2007 Pine Mountain Railroad / Alone WIth Forever / Steeltown Records
200707 16/Feb/2007 Kathy Chiavola feature, covering her career, including her latest CD, Somehow.
200706 9/Feb/2007 Bill Yates and Friends / The Country Gentlemen - 'Tribute' / Mastersheld ALSO Daniel Grindstaff / April's Fool / independent
200705 2/Feb/2007 Eric Uglum, Christian Ward and Austin Ward / The Old Road To Jerusalem / Backcountry Records
200702 12/Jan/2007 At a listener's request - played "the dice game" - threw the dice at the start of the show to see what songs to play - played track 3 from every album in the show.
200701 5/Jan/2007 Art Stevenson & High Water / John Deere / Wolf Tracks Music ALSO Monroe Crossing / Into the Fire / Monroe Crossing
200652 29/Dec/2006 Dwight McCall / Never Say Never Again / Independent ALSO Mickey Harris / Kneel And Pray / Independent
200651 22/Dec/2006 Patty Clayton / Astraddle A Saddle / Cimmaron Wind Music. Also the monthly countdown of the 15 hottest songs in the bluegrass world.
200650 15/Dec/2006 The Christmas Special! Christmas songs from lots of bluegrass artists, including some Aussie Christmas songs. Also featuring The Bluegrass Gospel Project / Makes You Strong and a look at the Grammies
200649 8/Dec/2006 Frank Solivan II / Selfish tears / Independent ALSO Blue Shades / Chasing Dreams / Independent ALSO Hometown Bluegrass / Population 5 / Independent
200648 1/Dec/2006 Marty Raybon & Full Circle / The Grass I Grew Up On / Independent / ALSO The Spinney Brothers / Here At The Cross / Independent
200647 24/Nov/2006 Williams & Clark Expedition / Williams & Clark Expedition / Independent
200646 17/Nov/2006 Chris Thile / How To Grow A Woman From The Ground / Sugar Hill
200645 10/Nov/2006 Mark Newton Band / Hillbilly Hemingway / Rebel ALSO Scottish band Longway / Further On / Independent
200644 3/Nov/2006 The Grass Cats / Home To Carolina / New Time Records ALSO Stillhouse Rounders / Black Dog / Stillhouse Rounders
200643 27/Oct/2006 The Davidson Brothers / Raised On The Road / Independent ALSO Carrie Hassler and Hard Rain / Carrie Hassler and Hard Rain / Rural Rhythm
200641 13/Oct/2006 J.D.Crowe & the New South / Left's Old Guitar / Rounder - AT LAST!
200640 6/Oct/2006 Featured new albums from Dale Ann Bradley, Dave Evans, Flint Hollow, Jim Lauderdale, Larry Stephenson, Mark Schatz, No Speed Limit, Ralph Stanley and Reno and Smiley. WHEW!! Hardly any room for anything else!
200639 29/Sep/2006 Nothin' Fancy / Album no 7 / Pinecastle ALSO The Biscuit Burners / A Mountain Apart / Indidog Records
200638 22/Sep/2006 NewFound Road / Life In a Song / Rounder ALSO David Davis and the Warrior River Boys / Troubled Times / Rebel
200637 15/Sep/2006 IIIrd Tyme Out / Round III At The Mac / Chateau Music Group
200636 8/Sep/2006 The Grascals / Long List of Heartaches / Rounder
200635 1/Sep/2006 Phoenix / Tailor Made / Independent
200634 25/Aug/2006 Audie Blaylock / Trains are The Only Way To Fly / Independent
200633 18/Aug/2006 Valerie Smith & Liberty Pike / Wash Away Your Troubles / Bell Buckle, also a feature segment on Long Tan - the engagement in Vietnam which had its 40th Anniversary today
200632 11/Aug/2006 Revisited a feature album we glossed over a little too quickly a few weeks ago, Claire Lynch's "A New Day" (Rounder)
200631 4/Aug/2006 Play songs starting with B said my wife, the Chairman of Finance, and she must always be obeyed, so that was the plan ... Also featured Out Of The Woods / The Allegheny Drifters / Independent
200630 28/Jul/2006 Rhonda Vincent / All American Bluegrass Girl / Rounder also Jimmy Bowen and Santa Fe / Stone Fences / Independent
200629 20/Jul/2006 Don Rigsby & Midnight Call / Hillbilly Heartache / Rebel
200628 14/Jul/2006 Played the dice game- threw dice at the top of the show, came up 3 and 4, so I played track 7 of every CD in the show.
200627 7/Jul/2006 Lonesome River Band / The Road WIth No End / Crossroads Music ALSO Mark Johnson & Emory Lester / Acoustic Rising / Crossroads Music
200626 29/Jun/2006 Blueridge / Gettin' Ready / Pinecastle
200625 22/Jun/2006 Rhonda Vincent / All American Bluegrass Girl / Rounder
200624 16/Jun/2006 Cedar Hill / Portrait of a Song - the Drasco Sessions / Hay Holler ALSO The Virginina Ramblers / The Virginia Ramblers / Hay Holler
200623 9/Jun/2006 Heather Berry / To a Dove / Blue Circle Records ALSO Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver / He Lives In Me / Cross Roads Music
200622 2/Jun/2006 The Del McCoury Band / The Promised Land / McCoury Music
200621 25/May/2006 Alicia Nugent / A Little Girl ... A Big Four-Lane / Rounder ALSO Casy & Chris and The Two-Stringer / Get Along Girl / Arrandem Records
200620 18/May/2006 Michael Cleveland / Let 'Er Go Boys! / Rounder ALSO remembered Larry Rice
200619 11/May/2006 Jim Van Cleve / No Apologies / Rural Rythm Records ALSO in honour of the rescue of the two Tasmanian gold miners, devoted much of the show's content to mining songs
200618 4/May/2006 Back to Basics - Bill Monroe & Jimmy Martin / The King And The Father / MME also Wild Card / James Reams Walter Hensley and the Barons of Bluegrass / Mountain Redbird Music
200617 28/Apr/2006 Cover Versions - a whole show of covers of songs that I first heard in other genres of music
200616 20/Apr/2006 Acoustic Endeavours / On A Farm / Common Folk Productions ALSO Tony Holt And The Wildwood Valley Boys / Daylight's Burnin' / Rebel
200615 13/Apr/2006 The Women in Bluegrass Special. And featured The Daughters of Bluegrass / Back To The Well / Blue Circle Records AND Claire Lynch / New Day / Rounder AND Alecia Nugent / A Little Girl ... A Big Four-Lane / Rounder
200614 6/Apr/2006 Jamie Hartford / Part of Your History - the Songs of John Hartford / New Sherrif Creative Enterprises
200613 30/Mar/2006 The Stanley Brothers / Earliest recordings: the Complete Rich-R-Tone 78s / Rounder ALSO Southern Star Bluegrass / Small Florida Town / Independent
200612 23/Mar/2006 Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver / He Lives In Me / Crossroads Music also Tommy Edwards / Old Songs, New Songs / Salisbury St Recordings
200611 16/Mar/2006 Pine Mountain Railroad / Heartache & Hope / Trak Tone Records
200610 9/Mar/2006 Bo Isaac / I'm Not Living Life ( It's Living Me ) / Goodtyme Productions
200608 24/Feb/2006 Karen Lynne / Changes / Shoestring Records. Also had a live interview with Karen in the studio
200607 16/Feb/2006 David Petersen and 1946 / In The Mountain Tops To Roam / Independent
200606 9/Feb/2006 Mountain Heart / Wide Open / Skaggs Family Records / also Sheri Lee / Where The Blue Sky Ends / Blue Heart Recordings
200605 3/Feb/2006 The Gibson Brothers / Red Letter Day / Sugar Hill
200602 13/Jan/2006 Ferrell Stowe / Stobro's Blues / Independent Also played the "dice" game - threw the dice to see which cuts to play on all tracks this week. It came up "SIX" so only played track six on all CDs in the show, except Ferrell's
200601 6/Jan/2006 Aaron McDaris / First Time Around / Pinecastle also The Brothers Barton / Originals / Independent
200553 30/Dec/2005 Randy Waller & The Country Gentlemen / Keeper Of The Flame / Lendel Records
200552 23/Dec/2005 The Peasall Sisters / Home To You / Dualtone
200551 16/Dec/2005 Wildfire / Rattle Of The Chains / Pinecastle also reviewed all the bluegrass Grammy Nominations
200550 8/Dec/2005 Joe Isaacs / Joe Isaacs Family Reunion / Blue Circle Records
200549 2/Dec/2005 Annual Christmas special - so much great Christmas bluegrass from Australia and Overseas.
200548 25/Nov/2005 Coolgrass / Toad Rage / Independent
200547 18/Nov/2005 Alison Brown / Stolen Moments / Rounder
200546 11/Nov/2005 The Del McCoury Band / The Company We Keep / Del McCoury Music
200545 4/Nov/2005 The Misty Valley Boys / Bluegrass Piedomt Style / Mastersheld Records
200544 28/Oct/2005 No special feature album this week - just lots of new releases, and music not heard on the show before. Oh and plenty of old favourites too!
200543 21/Oct/2005 Jerry Douglas / The Best Kept Secret / Koch Records Nashville also The Lovell Sisters Band / When Forever Rolls Around / Independent
200542 14/Oct/2005 Ronnie Bowman / It's Gettin' Better All The Time / Koch Records Nashville
200541 7/Oct/2005 Dolly Parton / Those Were The Days / Sugar Hill
200540 30/Sep/2005 Cherryholmes / Cherryholmes / Skaggs Family Records, also Nickel Creek / Why Should The Fire Die / Sugar Hill
200539 23/Sep/2005 Steep Canyon Rangers / One Dime At A Time / Rebel also Liz Meyer / The Storm / Strictly Country Records
200538 16/Sep/2005 George Clark and Dixie Flyer / Back Home / CGS Records also Tim O'Brien / Fiddler's Green / Sugar Hill
200537 9/Sep/2005 Tim Obrien / Cornbread Nation / Sugar Hill and also Slipstream / Waterbound / Independent
200536 2/Sep/2005 America's Bluegrass Band / America's Favorite Hymns / Ol' Blue Records
200535 26/Aug/2005 Honi Deaton and Dream / Promise to a Soldier / CMG
200534 19/Aug/2005 Wayne Taylor / Buffalo Shoals / Raincoe Music also Janet Beazley / 5 South / Backcountry Music
200533 12/Aug/2005 Lou Reid and Carolina / Time / Lonesome Day Records
200532 5/Aug/2005 The songs and singing of Pete Goble, and his new album When I'm Knee Deep In Bluegrass / Fireheart
200531 29/Jul/2005 3 Fox Drive / Listen To The Music / Koch also Clay Jones / Mountain Tradition / Rural Rythm
200530 22/Jul/2005 Alice Zincone and Rick Lafleur / Momas Voice / Independent
200529 15/Jul/2005 Jesse McReynolds and Charles Whitstein / A Tribute to Brother Duets / Pinecastle
200528 8/Jul/2005 Larry Rice / Clouds Over Carolina / Rebel and also Kenny and Amanda Smith Band / Always Never Enough / Rebel
200527 1/Jul/2005 Ralph Stanley / Shine On / Rebel also Jim Mills / Hide Head Blues / Sugar Hill
200526 24/Jun/2005 Valerie Smith / Thats What Love Can Do / Bell Buckle Records
200525 17/Jun/2005 The Greencards / Weather and Water / Dualtone Records
200524 10/Jun/2005 David Parmley and Continental Divide / Long Time Coming / CMH Records
200523 3/Jun/2005 Michelle Nixon and Drive / What More Should I Say? / Pinecastle
200522 27/May/2005 Northern Lights / New Moon / Fifty Fifty Music
200521 20/May/2005 Hardrive Bluegrass Band / Lightning / Independent
200520 13/May/2005 Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver / You Gotta Dig A Little Deeper / Rounder
Also John Reischman and the Jaybirds / The Road West / Corvus Records
200519 6/May/2005 Lonesome River Band / Head On Into Heartache / Crossroads Music
200518 29/Apr/2005 Rhonda Vincent and the Rage / Ragin' Live / Rounder
200517 22/Apr/2005 Annual ANZAC Day special (Australian Day of Remembrance) marking the 90th anniversary of the Gallipoli landings on 25 April, 1915.
200516 15/Apr/2005 Kathy Kallick Band / Warmer Kind Of Blue / Copper Creek
200515 8/Apr/2005 The Stanley Brothers / 16 Greatest Hits / King Records
200514 1/Apr/2005 James King / The Bluegrass Storyteller / Rounder. Also an extensive interview with James King, recorded at the Harrietville Bluegrass Convention in November last year.
200513 25/Mar/2005 Phil Leadbetter / Slide Effects / Pinecastle. Includes an extensive interview with Phil Leadbetter
200512 18/Mar/2005 Come To the Mountain: Old Time Music for Modern Times / Compilation / Rounder. Also a Portuguese Segment thanks to our friend Erio Meili in Brazil
200511 11/Mar/2005 Larry Sparks / 40 / Rebel. Reintroduced our Portuguese South American segment and played some requests for New Zealand listeners
200510 4/Mar/2005 James Reams and the Barnstomers / Troubled Times / Mountain Redbird Music
200509 25/Feb/2005 The Chapmans / Simple Man / Pinecastle; Also played the top 15 countdown from BU's National Bluegrass Survey for March
200508 18/Feb/2005 Phil Leadbetter / Slide Effects / Pinecastle, also interviewed Phil Leadbetter about his new album.
200507 11/Feb/2005 Special Consensus / Everything's Alright / Pinecastle
200506 4/Feb/2005 No special feature - just lots of gooooood bluegrass! (and a little acoustic country)
200502 14/Jan/2005 Jim Lauderdale / Headed For The Hills / Dualtone
200501 7/Jan/2005 Appalachian Shamisen / ETSU Bluegrass Pride / Independent
200453 31/Dec/2004 Tribute to Mabel Trent - the most wonderful person I never met. Also featured Bobby Mackey / Ten Shades of Green / Sagegrass Music
200452 24/Dec/2004 Larry Stephenson / The Webco Years / Pinecastle
200451 18/Dec/2004 no special feature album, just lots and lots of new releases
200450 10/Dec/2004 Christmas special - Australian and overseas bluegrass and acoustic country Christmas songs
200449 3/Dec/2004 Alison Krauss and Union Station / Lonely Runs Both Ways / Rounder
200448 26/Nov/2004 The Best Of Can't You Hear Me Callin' - Bluegrass: 80 Years Of American Music / Legacy Records
200447 19/Nov/2004 The music of Tom T. and Dixie Hall
200446 12/Nov/2004 Ryan Holladay / New Kid In Town / Magic Valley Records
200445 5/Nov/2004 Features: NewFound Road / Somewhere Between / Crossroads Music
Also Mitch Harrell / Oh Heart / SoLong Records
200444 29/Oct/2004 Melonie Cannon / Melonie Cannon / Skaggs Family Records
200443 22/Oct/2004 The Unbroken Circle, the Musical Heritage of the Carter Family / Dualtone Records
200442 15/Oct/2004 Dolly Parton / Live and Well / Sugar Hill
200441 8/Oct/2004 Randy Kohrs / I'm Torn / Lonesome Day Records
Also interviewed Lachie Davidson from IBMA in Louisville, and played some sounds of last year's Harrietville.
200440 1/Oct/2004 Ricky Skaggs and Kentucky Thunder / Brand New Strings / Skaggs Family Records
200439 24/Sep/2004 This week, 'The Best Little Bands You Never Heard Of" - show made up of local, regional, and emerging artists, and lots of non-US artists. Great music but none of the major name bands.
200438 17/Sep/2004 No special feature this week, just lots of terrific music and a surprise opening of a new album, never heard before.
200437 10/Sep/2004 Another gambling show - played the dice game again, letting the dice select the songs for the show.
Also commemorated the 8th anniversary of Bill Monroe's passing, James King's 46th birthday
200436 3/Sep/2004 Alan Munde Gazette / Alan Munde Gazette / Munde's Child Records
Also Becky Buller / Little Bird / Bell Buckle Records
200435 27/Aug/2004 Charlie Waller and the Country Gentelemen / Songs Of The American Spirit / Pinecastle
Also Nothin' Fancy / Reflections / Pinecastle
And a call from Tom in the USA who called in just to say g'day!
200434 20/Aug/2004 Nashville Bluegrass Band / Twenty Year Blues / Sugar Hill
Also lengthy interview with David Davis, and paid a tribute to Charlie Waller who died yesterday by playing some Country Gentlemen songs.
200433 13/Aug/2004 Larry Cordle and Lonesome Standard Time / Lonesome Skynyrd Time / CMH
Also Carolina Road / The Road That Took You There / CMH
And Pine Mountain Railroad / The Old Radio / CMH
200432 6/Aug/2004 The Bluegrass Patriots / Springtime In The Rockies / Copper Creek
200431 30/Jul/2004 Janie Fricke / The Bluegrass Sessions / DM Records
200430 23/Jul/2004 Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver / A School Of Bluegrass / Crossroads Music
200429 16/Jul/2004 Red Allen / Lonesome and Blue, The Complete County Recordings / Rebel
Also Red Allen / Keep On Going - The Rebel and Melodeon Recordings / Rebel.
200428 9/Jul/2004 Clinch Mountain Mystery / The Larry Stephenson Band / Pinecastle
Also Half Mile Down The Road / Troubled Waters / Daddy's Dream Music
200427 2/Jul/2004 Jeff Parker / Two Roads To Travel / Lonesome Day Records
Chris Cairns / Runaway Train / Fireheart Records
200426 25/Jun/2004 Jesse McReynolds and the Virginia Boys / New Horizons / Pinecastle
Also Linville Ridge Band / A Road To Anywhere / Linville Mountain Music
200425 18/Jun/2004 Mountain Heart / Force of Nature / Skaggs Family Records
Also ineterviewed Steve Gulley from Mountain Heart on the road in the mountains of North Carolina
200424 11/Jun/2004 Tim Stafford / Endless Line / FGM Records
200423 4/Jun/2004 Mountain Harmony (A Rose For Mama) / Carol Davis and Friends / Independent
Also interviewed Carol Davis, and introduced a very large number of new releases
200422 28/May/2004 IIIrd Tyme Out / Best Durn Ride / Chateau Music Group
Also interview with Steve Dilling from IIIrd Tyme Out, and Yvonne Bartle appeared on the show in the third hour
200421 21/May/2004 Janne Henshaw / Drifter's Prayer / Independent
200420 14/May/2004 Sam Bush / King Of My World / Sugar Hill
200419 7/May/2004 Clay Hess / Red Haired Boy / Lavenir Records
200418 30/Apr/2004 Lou Reid & Carolina / Carolina I'm Coming Home / Lou Reid & Carolina
Also Bluegrass Number 1's / Compilation / Rounder
And featured some Canadian bluegrass from Jerusalem Ridge, Craig Korth, and Grass Routes. - a Busy show!
200417 23/Apr/2004 Five Alaskan bands, thanks to listener Richard Wise who sent us a selection of bluegrass from Alaska.
Also since it's Anzac Day this week, played some songs dedicated to the Diggers.
200416 16/Apr/2004 King Wilkie / Broke / Rebel Records
200415 9/Apr/2004 The Gibson Brothers / Long Way Back Home / Sugar Hill
Also a phone interview with Eric Gibson, and blondie Yvonne appears briefly
200414 2/Apr/2004 Eric Uglum / Shenandoah Wind / Backcountry Records
Also interviewed Eric Uglum on the road
200413 26/Mar/2004 Jeff Barbra and Sarah Pirkle / Barb Hollow Sessions / Barb Hollow Music
200412 19/Mar/2004 Dale Ann Bradley / Send The Angels / Cross Roads Music
Also featured an interview with Alison Brown who's touring Australia this month
200411 12/Mar/2004 David Davis & The Warrior River Boys / David Davis & The Warrior River Boys / Rebel
Also a phone interview with Paul Duff from Bluegrass Parkway who are about to play in Sydney
200410 5/Mar/2004 The Gibson Brothers / Long Way Back Home / Sugar Hill
Also played an extensive interview with the world's top mandolin maker - Stephen Gilchrist.
200409 27/Feb/2004 Tommy Brown and the County Line Grass / Hard Drivin' / Lavenir Records
200408 20/Feb/2004 The Rarely Herd / Return Journey / Rarely Herd
200407 13/Feb/2004 Dwight McCall / Kentucky Peace Of Mind / Lavenir Records
Also since it's nearly Valentine's day, played as many love songs as I could find.
200406 6/Feb/2004 Kenny and Amanda Smith Band / House Down the Block / Rebel
200405 30/Jan/2004 Blueridge / Side by Side / Sugar Hill
also Cherryholmes / Bluegrass Vagabonds / Spirit High Ridge Music
200402 9/Jan/2004 Mickey Harris / Find My Way / Independent
also Arnie Naiman & Chris Coole / 5 Strings Attached Vol 2 / Merriweather Records
200401 2/Jan/2004 The Dice game again - every two or three songs, threw the dice to see which track would be played from the following albums.
200352 26/Dec/2003 Feature albums: Rick Bartley / Rick Bartley / Lonesome Day Records
Billie Renee & Cumberland Gap / Morning Time Always / Lonesome Day Records
Black Mountain Harmonica / Tony Eyers / Tony Eyers
Tohle Ja Znam / Kreni / Kreni
200351 19/Dec/2003 It's our 100th show for!!!! As a result, we spoke on air to some of our regular contributors to the show.
200350 12/Dec/2003 Dolly Parton, for God & Country. Main feature of the show - none of the music has ever been played on the show before.
200349 5/Dec/2003 Christmas In The Mountains / Compilation / Rebel Played an 8 minute package of sound bites from Harrietville festival.
200348 28/Nov/2003 Christmas Show - featured A Very Special Acoustic Christmas / Various Artists / Lost Highway Records
Also A Pinecastle Christmas Gatherin / Various Artists / Pinecastle
200347 21/Nov/2003 Featured Australian bluegrassers because it's the eve of the Harrietville Bluegrass & Old Time Country Music Convention
200346 14/Nov/2003 The Jeanette Williams Band / Get In The Boat / Bell Buckle Records
Jimmy Bowen & Santa Fe / Some Place Far Away / Santa Fe Records
200345 7/Nov/2003 Fesature: The Davidson Brothers / Stay All Night / Davidson Brothers
200344 31/Oct/2003 LeRoy Mack / Smiles and Tears / LeRoy Mack Music
200343 24/Oct/2003 The Karl Shiflett & Big Country Show / Worries On My Mind / Rebel
200342 18/Oct/2003 Featured several 'regional' or 'local' bands who wouldn't otherwise have had their albums made a feature.
200341 10/Oct/2003 Eddie & Martha Adcock / Twograss / Pinecastle
Also played the dice game - came up FOUR so I played track 4 of every CD except the feature.
200341 17/Oct/2003 Featured several "regional" or "local" bands who wouldn't otherwise have had their album featured on the show.
200340 3/Oct/2003 Features: Michelle Nixon & Drive / It's My Turn / Pinecastle
George Shuffler & Laura Boosinger / Mountain Treasures / Copper Creek
200339 26/Sep/2003 Feature Album: WhiteHouse / Whitehouse / Pinecastle
200338 19/Sep/2003 Kane's River / Same River Twice / Snake River Records
200337 12/Sep/2003 White Dove: The Bluegrass Gospel Collection
Also interviewed Ken Irwin, the producer of the album and CEO of Rounder Records.
200336 5/Sep/2003 Chris Brashear & Peter McLaughlin / Canyoneers / Copper Creek
Kazuhiro Inaba / Teardrop On A Rose / Copper Creek
200335 29/Aug/2003 Don Rigsby / The Midnight Call / Sugar Hill
also The Possum Tapes / Fat Dog Records
200334 22/Aug/2003 Andy Leftwich / Ride / Skaggs Family Records
Mike Adams / Mike Adams / Soundridge Records
200333 15/Aug/2003 Rock County / Rock Solid / Rebel
Wildwood Valley Boys / Songs From Wildwood Valley / Rebel
200332 8/Aug/2003 Del McCoury Band / It's Just the Night / Del McCoury Music
Also The Hickory Project / Big Darby / Hickory Productions
200331 1/Aug/2003 Feature albums: Ken Orrick & Uncle J T Young / Sing Gospel Favorites / Hay Holler
Big Country Bluegrass / Gospel Time / Hay Holler
Stillhouse Rounders / Home Brew / Stillhouse Rounders
200330 25/Jul/2003 Features: Tim O'Brien / Traveler / Sugar Hill
Blue Highway / Wondrous Love / Rounder
The Rosinators / The Rosinators / PDC Music
200327 4/Jul/2003 Revisted Marty Raybon / Full Circle / Doobie Shea including interview with Marty Raybon
200326 27/Jun/2003 The Mark Newton Band / No Boundaries / Rebel
200325 20/Jun/2003 Williams & Clark Expedition / Born To Roam / Independent
Also Morning Harvest / Morning Harvest / Independent
200324 13/Jun/2003 Evan Ward / The Beginning / Evan Ward Music
200323 6/Jun/2003 Paul Williams & Victory Trio / Living On The Hallelujah Side / Rebel
Also featured Hayes Bros & The Bluegrass Ramblers / Hello City Limits - a very early Australian bluegrass vinyl album
and a follow-up interview with Caroline Wright from Hawaii
200322 30/May/2003 Shawn Lane / All For Today / Rebel Also Greg Trooper / Floating / Sugar Hill
200321 23/May/2003 The Old Home Place - Bluegrass and Old Time Country Music / Compilation / Rounder
200320 16/May/2003 The Cumberlands / Bridging the Gap / Copper Creek
Chris Silver / Souls And Spirits / Catch and Release Records
Bryan Sutton / Bluegrass Guitar / Sugar Hill
200319 9/May/2003 Stuff That Works / Junior Barber & Gary Ferguson / Gunny Sack Music
200318 2/May/2003 Ronda Vincent / One Step Ahead / Rounder
Also discussed a new bluegrass society being set up in Hawaii
200317 25/Apr/2003 Special Show for ANZAC day in Australia - our primary day of remembrance - a solemn and reflective national day. Will be played on on the week of May 30th.
200316 18/Apr/2003 Perfect Strangers / Perfect Strangers / Rebel
Also played some more of the Gibson Brothers from Hay Holler
200316 18/Apr/2003 Feature Album: Perfect Strangers / Perfect Strangers / Rebel
Merlefest Live! 15th Anniversary Jam / Various artists / Merlefest
200315 11/Apr/2003 Features: Ricky Skaggs & Kentucky Thunder / Live at the CHarleston Music Hall / Skaggs Family Records
Also Wildfire / WHere Roads Divide / Pinecastle
and interviews with Phil Leadbetter of Wildfire and Allen Mills of Lost and Found
200314 4/Apr/2003 Doc Watson / Trouble in Mind the Country Blues Collection / Sugar Hill
Also The Greenbriar Boys / Big Apple Bluegrass / vanguard
200313 28/Mar/2003 Profile on Hickory Project - interviews and 4 songs from the new album played live in our studio.
200312 21/Mar/2003 Feature Album: The Lynn Morris Band / Shape Of A Tear / Rounder
And also played some of the Gibson Brothers / Bona Fide / Sugar Hill
200311 14/Mar/2003 Larry Sparks / Coldest Part of Winter / Rebel
200310 7/Mar/2003 Marty Raybon / Full Circle / Doobie Shea
Also interviews with Campbell Mercer about the Bill Monroe Foundation and with Honi Deaton of Honi Deaton and Dream
200309 28/Feb/2003 Special program: Women in Bluegrass - a tribute
200308 21/Feb/2003 Feature albums: For The Long Haul / Various / Longhaul Music
Plus: Lost & Found / It's About Time / Rebel
200307 14/Feb/2003 Played the dice game again - threw the dice and it came up "5". So we played track 5 off every CD on the show (except for the first CD and for listener requests)
200306 7/Feb/2003 J D Crowe & the New South / My Home Ain't In The Hall Of Fame / Rounder
Also: Randy Howard / I Rest My Case / Sugar Hill
200305 31/Jan/2003 Feature albums: Jeannie Kendall / Jeannie Kendall / Rounder
Also: Honi Deaton & Dream / What Should Have Been /CMG
200303 10/Jan/2003 Special on the Cagle Family - interviews with all the members and played some more of their album "Stepping Out"
200302 6/Jan/2003 Lonesome River Band / Window of Time / Doobie Shea. Played some Jim & Jesse favourites in honour of Jim McReynolds passing over.
200301 3/Jan/2003 No feature album today - just lots of good bluegrass. Specially played some Jim & Jesse favourites in honour of Jim McReynolds passing over.
200253 27/Dec/2002 No feature album today, just lots of great music, some listener emails and lots of fun.
200252 20/Dec/2002 The Jeanette Williams Band / Too Blue / Bell Buckle Records
200251 13/Dec/2002 The Chieftans / Down The Old Plank Road - The Nashville Sessions / RCA Victor
200250 6/Dec/2002 Christmas music show - played a few traditional christmas songs, and some new ones and some Australian Christmas music.
200249 29/Nov/2002 Feature Album: Rufus / Buddy Greene / Rufus Music Co
200248 22/Nov/2002 Bluegrass Parkway / Hello City Limits / Bluegrass Parkway
200247 15/Nov/2002 Alison Krauss & Union Station - LIVE / Rounder
Also O Sister 2 - A Women's Bluegrass Collection / Rounder
200245 8/Nov/2002 Bull Harman / Rosewood, Spruce & Ebony / Bulls Eye Records
Plus Bottomline / Camping by the Railroad Track / Independent
200244 1/Nov/2002 Features: Keiran Kane / Shadows On The Ground / Dead Reckoning Records
Plus Cedar Hill / Jouney of Faith / Independent
Plus Interviews with Peter Rowan who is about to tour here, and Cindy Sinclair, the Petersburg Gal.
200243 25/Oct/2002 Feature albums: Ronnie Bowman / Starting Over / Sugar Hill
and Jim Mills / My Dixie Home / Sugar Hill
200242 18/Oct/2002 IIIrd Tyme Out / Singing On Streets Of Gold / Chateau Music Group
200241 11/Oct/2002 Lonnie Hoppers & New Union / Grass Hoppin' / Independent
Also interview with Lonnie Hoppers, who will be in Australia for the Harrietville Music Convention in November.
200240 4/Oct/2002 Sally Love & Gary Ferguson / Our Old Home / Eureka Records
Also Rounder compilation: Bluegrass Mountain Style / Rounder
200239 27/Sep/2002 All Doors Will Open / The Silverado Bluegrass Band / Tricopolis
200238 20/Sep/2002 Earl Scruggs / Classic Bluegrass Live 1959-1966 / Vanguard
200237 13/Sep/2002 Mountain Heart Special - featured their new album No Other Way (Skaggs Family Records) and played a live recording from Gettysburg Festival
200236 6/Sep/2002 Hardrive / Henry Lawson's Blues / Bluegrass Classics - a fine Melbourne Bluegrass Band
200235 30/Aug/2002 Southern Rail / Coal Tattoo / Southern Rail
200234 23/Aug/2002 Bill Monroe / Live / Copper Creek
Also a length interview with Becky Buller, fiddler, singer, songwriter, with Valerie Smith & Libery Pike.
200233 16/Aug/2002 Feature Album: Charlie Waller & The Country Gentlemen / 45 Years of Memories / Pinecastle
200232 9/Aug/2002 Special Consensus / Route 10 / Pinecastle
200231 2/Aug/2002 Bluegrass Brothers / Memories of The Blue Ridge / Hay Holler
200230 26/Jul/2002 Features: Dolly Parton / Halos & Horns / Sugar Hill
Valerie Smith & Liberty Pike / No Summer Storm / Bell Buckle Records & Rebel Records
200229 19/Jul/2002 Just for fun ... I let the dice select the show - spun the dice, threw a 6, so I selected track 6 from every CD this week.
200228 12/Jul/2002 Features: Ken Orrick / Pictures and Stories / Hay Holler
Big Country Bluegrass / The Real Deal / Hay Holler
200227 5/Jul/2002 Ralph Stanley II / Stanley Blues / Rebel
And Tommy Brown & The Country Line Grass / Mountain Bluegrass / Hay Holler
200226 28/Jun/2002 Hamilton County Bluegrass Band / Live at the Wynyard Taven, NZ / Kiwi Pacific
200225 21/Jun/2002 Live recording of Sydney band Muddy River and Karen Lynne from a Hawkesbury Radio concert in Windsor, NSW
200224 14/Jun/2002 Cool Blue Outlaws - Songs of Rogues, Rascals and Rapscallions / Compilation / Sugar Hill
200223 7/Jun/2002 Features: Rickie Simpkins / Don't Fret IT / Doobie Shea
Ernie Thacker / The Chill Of Lonesome / Doobie Shea
The Grass Cats / The Blues Are Back In Town / New Time Records
200222 31/May/2002 David Parmley and Continental Divide / Pathway of Time / Pinecastle
200221 24/May/2002 Nothin' Fancy / Once Upon A Road / Pinecastle
200220 17/May/2002 Doc Watson & Frosty Morn / Round The Table Again / Sugar Hill
200219 10/May/2002 Doyle Lawson & Quiciksilver / The Hard Game Of Love / Sugar Hill
Also Baucom Bibey & Blueridge / Come Along With Me / Sugar Hill
200218 3/May/2002 The Story is ... the Songs of Tom T Hall / Charlie Sizemore / Rebel
200217 25/Apr/2002 ANZAC Day Special program, also featured Cool Blue & Lonesome / Compilation / Sugar Hill and Hot Rize / So Long Of A Journey / Sugar Hill
200216 19/Apr/2002 Featuring international cuts from Europe, South America, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Antarctica
200215 12/Apr/2002 Mike Burns, indie singer/songwriter / Walk The Waters Edge / North Co Music
200214 4/Apr/2002 Feature Album: Greg Champion / Shady Tree / Greg Champion Also European World of Bluegrass 1999
200213 29/Mar/2002 Rock County / Rock County / Rebel and Interview with Australia's Karen Lynne
200212 22/Mar/2002 Feature Album: Blue Highway / Still Climbing Mountains / Rounder
200211 15/Mar/2002 Bob Paisley & The SOuthern Grass / Steeped In Tradition / Independent
200210 8/Mar/2002 Kathy Kallick / My Mother's Voice / Copper Creek
Also a long interview with Phil Leadbetter from Wildfire
200209 1/Mar/2002 Longview / Lessons in Stone / Rebel
200208 22/Feb/2002 Feature Album: Dan Crary & Beppe Gambetta / Synergia (formerly Live on Tour 2000) / Sugar Hill
200207 15/Feb/2002 John Hartford / Steam Powered Aereo-takes / Rounder select
200206 8/Feb/2002 Paul Brewster / Everybody's Talkin' / Ceili
And we had a lengthy live phone interview with Paul.
200205 1/Feb/2002 IIIrd Tyme Out / Back to the MAC / Rounder Also lengthy interview with extraordinary mandolin maker Stephen Gilchrist
200204 25/Jan/2002 Feature Album: Newly released Blue Mountain Rain / Karen Lynne & Martin Louis / Shoestring Records
200203 18/Jan/2002 Bluegrass Hall of Fame / Various Bluegrass Legends / CMH
200202 11/Jan/2002 No feature album today, but played some songs that have sequels.
200201 4/Jan/2002 Dave Evans / Hang Out A Light For Me / Rebel
200152 28/Dec/2001 No special feature album today, but played large number of requests and other emails from listeners to the show.
200151 21/Dec/2001 Featured Mountain Soul / Patty Loveless / Sony Music
Also a lengthy live interiew with Steve Gulley of Mountain Heart.
200150 14/Dec/2001 Feature Album: The Journey / Mountain Heart / Doobie Shea - their new gospel release.
200149 7/Dec/2001 Featured Bluegass and Acoustic Country Christmas Music - including a lot of Australian music.
200148 30/Nov/2001 Feature Album: Blue Trail Of Sorrow - 16 Top Bluegrass Gems / Compilation / Rounder
200147 23/Nov/2001 Rice, Rice, Hillman and Pedersen / Running Wild / Rounder
200146 16/Nov/2001 Feature Album: ETSU Bluegrass Pride / New music composed and performed by members of the famed Bluegrass & Country Music Program at East Tennessee State University / Now & Then Records
200145 9/Nov/2001 Gerry Hale's Uncle Bill / Heartbreak Train / Uncle Bill
200144 2/Nov/2001 the Del McCoury Band / Del and the Boys / Ceili
200143 26/Oct/2001 Ralph Stanley & Friends / Clinch Mountain Sweethearts / Rebel,
Also a live-to-air interview with James Alan Shelton, lead guitarist and singer with the Clinch Mountain Boys
200142 19/Oct/2001 Lost Highway / A Lifetime of Sorrow / Hay Holler These guys have fantastic harmonies!
200141 12/Oct/2001 No special feature this morning - played some of the IBMA winners work, discussed some birthdays, but just played great music.
200140 5/Oct/2001 IBMA Awards special: Played music from all the IBMA Awards nominated artists, albums, and nominated songs.
200139 28/Sep/2001 Feature Album: A Tribute to John Hartfort Live From Mountain Stage / Various Artists / Blue Plate Music
200138 21/Sep/2001 Big Country Bluegrass / My Old Virginia Home / Hay Holler
200137 14/Sep/2001 Feature albums: Big Mon - The Songs Of Bill Monroe / Various artists / Skaggs Family Records And The Whites / A Lifetime In The Making / Ceili Music
200136 7/Sep/2001 Feature albums: The Mark Newton Band / Charlie Lawson's Still / Rebel,


Ron Block / Faraway Land / Rounder
200135 31/Aug/2001 Feature albums: Alison Krauss & Union Station / New Favorite / Rounder
Randy Kohrs / A Crack In My Armour / Junction Records
200134 24/Aug/2001 Wildfire / Uncontained / Pinecastle
200133 17/Aug/2001 Cool Blue Rocks - Rock & Roll in the Bluegrass Tradition / Various Artists / Sugar Hill
200132 10/Aug/2001 Feature Album: Doc Watson / at Gerdes Folk City / Sugar Hill
200131 3/Aug/2001 Paul Brewster / Everybody's Talkin' / Ceili Music
200130 27/Jul/2001 Feature Album: Rhonda Vincent / The Storm Still Rages / Rounder
200129 20/Jul/2001 No special feature this morning . just lots of fine music
200128 13/Jul/2001 Feature Album: Dudley Connell & Don Rigsby / Another Saturday Night / Sugar Hill
200127 6/Jul/2001 Chet Atkins died this week - so we played some of his music and talked about his life and achievements. The phones went mad.
200126 29/Jun/2001 The Chapmans / Follow Me / Pinecastle. Super Album!!!
200125 22/Jun/2001 Pre-Ausgrass Special. talking about events and happenings in bluegrass. This weekend - Ausgrass in Canberra!!!
200124 15/Jun/2001 No special feature album today, just lots of FINE music
200123 8/Jun/2001 John Hartford / Aero-Plain / Rounder To commemmorate John Hartford's death last Monday.
200122 1/Jun/2001 Feature Album: Claire Lynch / Out In The Country / Copper Creek
200122 1/Jun/2001 Feature Album: Claire Lynch / Out In The Country / Copper Creek
200121 25/May/2001 Feature Album: Country Gentlemen / On The Road (and more) / Smithsonian-Folkways Recordings. Also featured some bluegrass versions of Bob Dylan's songs on account of his 60th birthday today.
200120 18/May/2001 Feature albums: David Parmley & Friends / What We Leave Behind / Pinecastle
Sally Jones / Love Hurts / Pinecastle
Larry Stephenson Band / Heavenward Bound / Pinecastle
200119 11/May/2001 The Country Gentlemen / Twenty Fifth Anniversary / Rebel
200118 4/May/2001 Feature of Jim & Jesse, including the new album Our Kind Of Country / Jim & Jesse with the Opry Stage Band / Pinecastle
200117 27/Apr/2001 Feature Albums: Julie / If You Only Knew / Soundwave Productions
Dale Ann Bradley / Songs Of Praise & Glory / Pinecastle
200116 20/Apr/2001 Feature Albums: Acoustic Endeavours / Sneak Preview / Common Folk
Paul Williams / Hard Working Pilgrim / Rebel
200115 13/Apr/2001 Carl Jackson / Songs of The South / Sugar Hill
200114 6/Apr/2001 Played top 5 albums and songs according to Bluegrass Unlimited Magazine for April 2001
200113 30/Mar/2001 Full Play of the Flatt & Scruggs at Carnegie Hall Concert
200112 23/Mar/2001 Kane's River / Kane's River / Doobie Shea Also played the entire EmmyLou Harris & the Nash Ramblers / Live at the Ryman concert
200111 16/Mar/2001 Ramona Church & Carolina Road / Carolina Memories / Pinecastle Plus Played the entire IIIrd Tyme Out / Live At The Mac Concert in our Concert series
200110 9/Mar/2001 Featured: Hamilton County Bluegrass Band - their work over 25 years, and played the whole "Live at the Wynyard Tavern" concert.
200109 2/Mar/2001 A Bill Monroe segment, with Monroe songs done by a variety of artists, including Monroe himself.
200108 23/Feb/2001 Featured the work of the artists who won Grammies today - Ricky Skaggs, Alison Browne, Bela Fleck, and Dolly Parton
200107 16/Feb/2001 Featured some J D Crowe tracks using albums borrowed from a friend
200106 9/Feb/2001 Dolly Parton / Little Sparrow / Sugar Hill
200105 2/Feb/2001 Soundtrack from O Brother Where Art Thou / Mercury Records
200104 26/Jan/2001 It's Australia Day - so we played as much Australian bluegrass as we can fit into the show. Also featured The Karl Shiflett & Big Country Show / In Full Color / Rebel
200103 19/Jan/2001 Feature albums: George Shuffler & James Alan Shelton - The Legacy Continues (Copper Creek) Bob Bovee & Gail Heil - When The Cactus Is In Bloom (Copper Creek) The Mysterious Redbirds - 1992-1998 (Copper Creek)
200102 12/Jan/2001 The whole program is of songs never played on the show before ( or longer ago than 12 months) - songs that got overlooked or missed previously
200101 5/Jan/2001 Bluegrass Album Band / Songs of Flatt & Scruggs / Easydisc