Talking dog sketch

Dear Mike Kear

I have a sketch that I was inspired to create for you by your request for a rendering of a "talking dog". He looks a bit of a sly fellow, so I kind of like him. Hopefully, I can get a scan done before the snowstorm hits the Washington DC area.

Also, wanted you to know that while I've been ill the last year, I only had to tune in to to get the laugh I needed to keep working on that recovery. And of course the inspiration. Every time you played "Lord,Let this Day be Good" for Mabel, there were probably hundreds more benefitting. Certainly, I did. I'm glad this sketch happened or I might not have had the impetus to write to you. (I pretty much never write fan letters as I'm kind of shy and reserved.) I'm glad I am so I can say:

Thank You.

Elizabeth Levin

Talkin dog

Hi Mike

Greetings from Stanford, Indiana (just down the road from Bean Blossom)

Thought I'd send my vision of a day in the life of Foggy Hollow (we say Holler in our neck of the woods)  Enjoy your show! Keep on with the pickin' & grinnin!

G'day mate

Brian Garvey

Bloomington IN