Appalachian Road Show, Lorraine Jordan & Carolina Road, Aaron Bibelhauser, Amanda Cook, Shannon Slaughter, Mile Twelve, King Street Bluegrass, Branded Bluegrass

Play order Artist Song Title Album
1 The Likely Culprits All I Ever Need Is You The Likely Culprits
2 Dale Ann Bradley & Tina Adair Oh Darlin' Oh Darlin'
3 Australian content  Kristy Cox Yesterday's Heartache No Headlights
4 Amanda Cook Get on Board Narrowing The Gap
5 Branded Bluegrass Judgement Day Most Welcome
6 Australian content  Sara Storer Raindance Raindance
7 Ronnie Bowman You Cut the Ties Ronnie Bowman
8 Shannon Slaughter Blitchville Hold On To Your Heart
9 The Sonoran Dogs Another Dog in the Pound Wander Down Under Live
10 Steve Martin & The Steep Canyon Rangers California Single
11 Kenny & Amanda Smith Too Often Left Alone With You
12 King Street Bluegrass Red Haired Boy Stroke Of Luck
13 Branded Bluegrass I Still Carry You Around Most Welcome
14 Shannon Slaughter Getting Older Hold On To Your Heart
15 Fireside Collective Don't Stop Lovin' Me Elements
16 Mile Twelve Whiskey Trail Single
17 Nick Chandler & Delivered Big Bill Johnson Inside The Lines
18 King Street Bluegrass Lookin' Back Stroke Of Luck
19 Aaron Bibelhauser Let's Make a Memory Loving You Again
20 Branded Bluegrass Lonesome Reuben Most Welcome
21 Shannon Slaughter Lonesome Wind (featuring Ronnie Bowman and Shawn Lane) Hold On To Your Heart
22 Darin & Brooke Aldridge Will You Be Ready Snapshots
23 Rebecca Frazier Darken Your Doorway When We Fall
24 Damian Muller A Common Prayer (the Lottery Song) Steady Work
25 Branded Bluegrass All I Have to Do Is Dream Most Welcome
26 Frances Mooney & Fontanna Sunset I'll Walk You Home From Preaching Wild & Free
27 Fast Track Blue & Lonesome Again Blue & Lonesome Again
28 King James Boys Heaven's Most Wanted List Living On A Promise
29 King Street Bluegrass United We Shall Stand Stroke Of Luck
30 Flashback John Henry Holliday Blues Around My Cabin
31 Terry Baucom's Dukes of Drive Will the Light Be Shining Bright Single
32 Jaelee Roberts All My Tears All My Tears
33 Jeremy Garrett Baker's Jam Circles
34 Lorraine Jordan & Carolina Road Bill Monroe's Ol' Mandolin Single
35 All Stars Of Bluegrass I Wanna Go Back (feat. Steve Wariner) Single
36 Branded Bluegrass I'm All Prayed Up Most Welcome
37 Shannon Slaughter Daddy Sang His Youth Away (featuring Heather Slaughter) Hold On To Your Heart
38 Eliza Meyer Workin' Girl Blues Hello Stranger
39 Thomm Jutz Hartford's Bend To Live In Two Worlds Volume 1
40 Australian content  Kristy Cox No Headlights No Headlights
41 King Street Bluegrass Four Horsemen Stroke Of Luck
42 Mile Twelve Rocky Island Single
43 Branded Bluegrass Dream of Me Most Welcome
44 Appalachian Road Show I'm Going to Bring Her Back Tribulation