Epilogue - a Tribute To John Duffey / Smithsonian (compilation) Also The Jakob's Ferry Stragglers, 40 Horse Mule, Balsam Range, Brandon Rickman

Play order Artist Song Title Album
1 Chris Jones & The Night Drivers Bend in the Road The Choosing Road
2 Damian Muller On My Way You've Still Got It
3 David Davis & The Warrior River Boys He Rambled Didn't He Ramble - Songs of Charlie Poole
4 Brandon Rickman One Step, Two Step Things Kids & Dogs Know
5 Luke Morris Fifteen Miles to Galax Further Down The Line
6 Amanda Smith If That's the Way You Feel Epilogue: A Tribute To John Duffey
7 Roe Family Singers Peter Tosh Songs Of The Mountains, Songs Of The Plains
8 Laura Boosinger Doc Watson's Influences Down the Road on the Blue Ridge Music Trails of North Carolina
9 Newtown Naomi Wise Old World
10 40 Horse Mule Papa Gene's Blues Grass With Some Kick
11 Chris Roberts Whole Lotta Laying Around Single
12 Flashback A Rose From Time to Time Denver Snow
13 Cedar Hill Pearl's Song By Request
14 John Starling Bringing Mary Home Epilogue: A Tribute To John Duffey
15 Mountain Heart More Than I Am Soul Searching
16 The Jakob's Ferry Stragglers Don't Go Across the Ocean Poison River
17 The Lonesome River Band Calling Elvis Outside Looking In
18 Nick Chandler & Delivered Give Me Back My Heart Groceries, Gas & Used Cars
19 Dudley Connell & Don Rigsby Lonesome River Epilogue: A Tribute To John Duffey
20 Big Country Bluegrass I'm Putting On My Leaving Shoes Memories of the Past
21 Dailey & Vincent Won't It Be Wonderful There Brothers Of The Highway
22 Sierra Hull Everybody's Somebody's Fool Secrets
23 Balsam Range The Girl Who Invented the Wheel Aeonic
24 David Benedict The Golden Angle The Golden Angle
25 Turning Ground Old Country Store Single
26 Akira Otsuka First Tear Epilogue: A Tribute To John Duffey
27 Deanie Richardson Stoney Mae Love Hard Work Hard Play Hard
28 The Jakob's Ferry Stragglers Benezette Blues Poison River
29 The Jakob's Ferry Stragglers Saint Anne's Prayer Poison River
30 Tom Mindte & Mason Via I'm Gonna Be a Wheel Someday Tom Mindte & Mason Via
31 Love Canon Kyrie Eleison Cover Story
32 40 Horse Mule That's What You Get ( for Leaving Me ) Grass With Some Kick
33 Cumberland County Line Banks of Ohio You Can't Hide Money!
34 Curtis McPeake & Andy May Home in the Rock The Good Things ...
35 Sandy Shortridge Grandma's Apron The End
36 Daniel Greeson Georgia Slim's Done Gone Done Gone
37 Special Consensus She Took the Tennessee River Rivers & Roads
38 James King Going to the Races Epilogue: A Tribute To John Duffey
39 Missy Raines Swept Away Single
40 Williamson Branch Till I See You Again Free
41 Borrowed Tyme Band Little Bessie Borrowed Tyme Band
42 Luke Morris Further Down the Line Further Down The Line
43 Eddie Sanders A Train Can Run Two Ways Fast Train To Lonesome
44 The Jakob's Ferry Stragglers Poison River Poison River
45 Don Rigsby Ain't Gonna Work Tomorrow Epilogue: A Tribute To John Duffey