Gina Clowes / True Colors; Thomm Jutz / Crazy If You Let It; also Barbara Jo Kammer, Mike Barnett, Bill Martin, K C Groves, Free Willy

Play order Artist Song Title Album
1 The Lonesome River Band Wrong Road Again Mayhayley's House
2 Mike Bentley Someone Else All I've Got
3 Joe Mullins & The Radio Ramblers If I'd Have Wrote That Song The Story We Tell
4 Amanda Cook No Rhyme or Reason Deep Water
5 Gina Clowes Saylors Creek True Colors
6 Gina Clowes Looking for Sunshine True Colors
7 Donna Ulisse Without Trouble Please Breakin' Easy
8 Free Willy Amazing Gracie Remember The Alamo
9 Mike Barnett Dixie Hoedown (feat. Jesse Mcreynolds) Portraits in Fiddles
10 Dale Ann Bradley Now and Then (dreams Do Come True) Dale Ann Bradley
11 Flashback Old Forgotten Home Foxhounds & Fiddles
12 Gina Clowes Dust Can Wait True Colors
13 Barbara Jo Kammer Medicine Wheel One Song at a Time
14 Australian content  The Burning Bridges Red Rocking Chair Down This Old Road
15 K C Groves I Can't Quit You Happy Little Trees
16 Barbara Jo Kammer In a Cabin on the Mountain by the Pine One Song at a Time
17 Nathan Stanley Choices Controversial Man
18 Mike Barnett Okeechobee Wind (feat. Jesse Mcreynolds) Portraits in Fiddles
19 Billy Droze Go Back There Again To Whom It May Concern
20 Gina Clowes Beautiful Land True Colors
21 The Little Roy & Lizzy Show You Can't Be a Beacon if Your Light Don't Shine Lord In The Morning
22 Patrick McAvinue Sunny Side of the Mountain Grave Run
23 Australian content  Kristy Cox Miles & Timezones Miles & Timezones
24 The Jerry Douglas Band Hey Joe What If
25 Mike Barnett Hangman's Reel (feat. Bryan Sutton) Portraits in Fiddles
26 Hammertowne Wicked Woman Hillbilly Heroes
27 Mike Barnett Bow Wow (feat. David Grisman) Portraits in Fiddles
28 Free Willy Another Day Another Dollar Remember The Alamo
29 No Time Flatt Long Gone No Time Flatt
30 Free Willy Not Your Everyday Love Song Remember The Alamo
31 Jerry Salley The Son in Your Eyes Front Porch Philosophy
32 Flatt Lonesome You're the Reason Silence In These Walls
33 Shannon Slaughter That Old County Road Never Standing Still
34 Gina Clowes The Wayward Kite True Colors
35 The Jerry Douglas Band Go Ahead and Leave What If
36 Junior Sisk & Ramblers Choice You'll Be a Lost Ball The Mountains Are Calling Me Home
37 Mike Barnett Tennessee Waltz (feat. Buddy Spicher) Portraits in Fiddles
38 Mike Barnett Mary and the Soldier (feat. Tim O'brien) Portraits in Fiddles
39 K C Groves Lover's Return Happy Little Trees
40 Bill Martin Ragtop Ford Out on A Limb
41 Free Willy God Has a Name Remember The Alamo
42 Barbara Jo Kammer Mule Skinner Blues One Song at a Time
43 Thomm Jutz Crazy if You Let It Crazy If You Let It