The Missy Werner Band / Turn This Heart Around / Independent

Play order Artist Song Title Album
1 Flatt Lonesome Never Let Me Go Too
2 Tony Rice Freeborn Man Guitar
3 Becky Buller Southern Flavor 'Tween Earth And Sky
4 Ashley Lewis Hallelujah Captivated
5 The Missy Werner Band Travelin' Light Turn This Heart Around
6 Michael Cleveland & Flamekeeper Fiddlin' Joe On Down The Line
7 Allen Shadd Red Eyed Benny Hen Miles From the Hard Road
8 Rachel Burge & Blue Dawning I've Kissed You My Last Time Rachel Burge & Blue Dawning
9 Linda Ronstadt I Can't Help It (if I'm Still In Love With You) (with Emmylou Harris) Duets
10 Allen Shadd Three Rusty Nails Miles From the Hard Road
11 The Missy Werner Band Rocks in the River Turn This Heart Around
12 Jim & Lynna Woolsey Will You Be Ready The Road That Brings You Home
13 Donna Hughes The Way I Am From The Heart!
14 Tim Stafford Isaac Morton's Revenge Just to Hear the Whistle Blow
15 Allen Shadd Little Rock Getaway Miles From the Hard Road
16 Australian content  Kristy Cox Something in the Way Living For The Moment
17 The Missy Werner Band A Song That I Love Turn This Heart Around
18 Blue & Lonesome Some Old Day Some Old Day
19 Phil Rosenthal All the Good Times A Treasury of Bluegrass & Country Songs
20 Patrick McAvinue No Longer a Sweetheart Rutland's Reel
21 Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver Coming Soon Open Carefully Message Inside
22 The Missy Werner Band Snake in the Grass Turn This Heart Around
23 Australian content  Sara Storer Come on Rain Lovegrass
24 Alecia Nugent The Writings All Over the Wall Hillbilly Godess
25 Allen Shadd Old Joe Clark Miles From the Hard Road
26 The Missy Werner Band The Heart You Break Turn This Heart Around
27 Darren Nicholson Dancin' in the Kitchen Things Left Undone
28 Amy Gallatin & Stillwaters I Dreamed of an Old Love Affair Everything I Wanted Love To Be
29 Larry Sparks Bitterweeds Lonesome And Then Some: A Classic 50th Celebration
30 Balsam Range Don't Watch These Tears Five
31 Claire Lynch Sweetheart, Darlin' of Mine Crowd Favorites
32 Red June Light of Day Ancient Dreams
33 Close Kin Don't You Wish It Was True Close Kin, Our Roots Run Deep
34 Allen Shadd The Gold Rush Miles From the Hard Road
35 The Missy Werner Band Dead Man Walking Turn This Heart Around
36 Dolly Parton Don't Think Twice Blue Smoke
37 Australian content  Davidson Brothers Take Me to the Mountains Wanderlust
38 The Roys No More Lonely The View
39 The Missy Werner Band Rough Edges Turn This Heart Around