Tom T Hall and Dixie Hall feature - every song in the show written by them, performed by a variety of bands.

Play order Artist Song Title Album
1 Janet Mcgarry & Wildwood The Next Train The Next Train
2 Mickey Harris A Beautiful Life Kneel and Pray
3 Billy Boone Smith They Called It A Church Five Flat Rocks
4 Chris Jones & The Night Drivers The Man on the Side of the Road Lost Souls & Free Spirits: The Rebel Collection Old & New
5 Timberwinds The Flood On Stoney Creek Timberwinds
6 Jeff Orr A Bridge That's Going Nowhere Keep it Simple
7 Lorraine Jordan & Carolina Road A Light In The Window, Again Back To My Roots
8 The Bluegrass Soul Pickers I'm Not Living Life (It's Living Me) If I Ever Get Home
9 Cedar Hill I've Got a Thing About Doors I've Got A Thing About Doors
10 Darin & Brooke Aldridge Lets Not Go There Darin and Brook Aldridge
11 The Bankesters Blow Out The Candle Laura The Bankesters
12 Ben Greene Mountain High, Feeling Low Sideman
13 Jerry Butler & the Blu-Js A Stranger in My Own Home Town Stranger In My Own Home Town
14 Heather Berry & Tony Mabe One Empty Chair Good Home Grown Music Compilation 2010
15 Joe Isaacs Family Reunion Amen The Joe Isaacs Family Reunion
16 Clay Hess Walter B Rain
17 Lonesome Meadow I Know Rain Sittin' on a Sidewalk
18 Dave Leatherman & Stone County Nothing But The Curtains Nothin' But The Curtains Waved Goodbye
19 Jerry Butler and John Wade Forty Years of Lonesome Haulin' Grass
20 Darren Beachley & the Legends of the Potomac Tall Weeds and Rust Takeoff
21 Travers Chandler & Avery County The Stanley Brothers Pardon Me...
22 Mickey Harris The Flood On Stoney Creek Find My Way
23 Summertown Road That's Kentucky Summertown Road
24 Kenny & Amanda Smith Band Someday Soon Tell Someone
25 Bull Harman January Wind Rosewood, Spruce & Ebony
26 Wyatt Harman Me & My Old Banjo Rosewood, Spruce & Ebony
27 Michael Cleveland Flower Blooming in the Wildwood Let 'er Go Boys!
28 The Ridgerunners Gospel Band Take Just a Minute for Him Take Just A Minute For Him
29 Ralph Stanley II You Wore Out Your Welcome Mat Born To Be A Drifter
30 The Grascals The Year That Clayton Delaney Died (with Tom T. Hall) Country Classics with a Bluegrass Spin
31 The Bluegrass Soul Pickers If I Ever Get Home If I Ever Get Home
32 Tom T Hall Leaving Baker County Tom T Hall Sings Miss Dixie and Tom T
33 Isaac Moore I Wish That I Could've Met Carter I Wish That I Could've Met Carter
34 Ralph Stanley II I Think I Hear A Train Born To Be A Drifter
35 Darin & Brooke Aldridge Our Little World So Much In Between
36 Jerry Butler and John Wade Shorty Is Forty Haulin' Grass
37 Chris Jones & The Night Drivers A Hero in Harlan Lost Souls & Free Spirits: The Rebel Collection Old & New
38 Josh Williams We'll Burn That Bridge Down Home
39 Big Country Bluegrass Boys in Hats and Ties Boys In Hats And Ties
40 Jim Lloyd & the Skyliners You Can't Grow an Onion Upside Down Songs From My Attic
41 Heather Berry & Tony Mabe Walk Slow The Heather Berry & Tony Mabe Show