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Customer Service

I'm so mad!  If you know me, you I can be brutally blunt...

Sorry, but I really need to vent!!!

I experienced the WORST customer service today at a store in town. I don't want to mention the name because I'm not sure how I'm going to proceed. Yesterday, I bought something from this store and paid cash for it. I took it home but late last night I found out that it didn't work. So this morning, less than 24 hours later, I returned it asking for a refund. The young Lady at the store told me ‘NO’ even though I had my receipt. I asked if I could get a replacement instead. She still told me ‘NO’! Seeing as I was not getting anywhere with her, I asked to speak with the manager. I explained to her that I had purchased the item but it didn't work and even produced my receipt. The manager just smiled and told me ... without missing a beat ... that I was ‘out of luck’ ~ NO refund and NO replacement!

Well, I tell you what... I am NEVER buying another lottery ticket at that store again! 

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(Thanks to James A  Young for the cartoon)

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