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About our listeners

Our listeners are the most important part of the show. Some of them send us pictures, information, opinions and news, and here's where you can see some of it..

Elsewhere in this section ...

Mike Wills, Lynwood WA - Mike WIlls, a regular listener in Lynwood, Washington (USA) sent a get well card and some pictures of his family when I had my 'cardiac event'

James A Young - Listener James A Young and his wife of 60 years are regular listeners to the show

Tina in Ol' Virginny - Tina Buchanan is a regular listener who we have been able to follow as she learns the mandolin

Big John's BBQ - Listener John Levicki, better known as 'Big John' listens to the show regularly, and heard his email being read on the show.

Becky Taylor - Haircut for meetings - Becky Taylor found this interesting suggestion for a useful haircut if you go to lots of corporate meetings

Nano da North - Nancy in Alaska and the dog choir

The Dawgs - The "talking dog" theme has intrigued many listeners, and here are some of their dawg-related contributions. Honestly, the listeners to this show are amazingly creative.