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About the show

Brought to you each Friday, 10pm to Saturday 3am on Hawkesbury Radio 89.9FM, and broadcast over the internet on and other stations.

We play the latest bluegrass, newgrass and acoustic country music from Australia and overseas. We usually feature a new album each week, playing 4 - 8 tracks off the album during the show and often have live interviews with bluegrass personalities or artists.

We welcome listener requests and comments. You can call the show on (02) 45 879 899 and request tunes, or comment about what you are hearing. We love hearing from listeners - it helps get through the long early morning hours. If you prefer you can email the show to request more information about something we've said or done during the show, or let us know about things the other listeners might be interested in.

Elsewhere in this section ...

Where the show originates - Where the show originates, it's radio station and what we're trying to do

About The Host - Who's Mike Kear and what's interesting about him? Where does he come from?

Our European Correspondent - Each week we talk to our European correspondent, Angelika Torrie about what's going on in bluegrass in Europe - what's coming up and what's been happening there.

Sending us CDs - Want to have your CD project considered for airplay on the show? Here's what you should do to make sure you get the best chance of being included in the show, and where to send it.

Whats the dog stuff about? - What's all this 'talking dog' stuff about? Where did it come from and what's it got to do with bluegrass?