I prefer to get digital versions of music these days.

I am happy to accept music digitally  - as mp3s sent over the internet.   That will reduce your cost, and get them into the show's library and on the air a LOT quicker.    

In fact I almost never use CDs for the show any more.  The show is almost completely run from high quality .mp3s nowadays.

You need to make sure of the following: 

  • Make sure the mp3's are at least 192kb bit rate or higher (preferably 320kb),  to ensure the sound quality is adequate when it's finally put to air.  Lower than 192kb wont be used.
  • Make sure the mp3's are properly tagged with song name, songwriter, release year etc etc so they get imported into our library and broadcast applications correctly.  Or else that information is included in a text file or PDF or 'One Page' so I can set the files up the right way.
  • Since there is no CD case and therefore liner notes it would be helpful to include a PDF, word or text  document with the information that would have been in the liner notes.
  • Send them to our gmail account, which allows large size attachments - one song per email.    The gmail account to use is afpwebworks@gmail.com
  • Or you can use wetransfer.com - a  free web site to transfer very large files (there's a pay-to-use version too but you dont have to use that for this purpose.)  it needs an email address to send,to,  so use atalkingdog@bluegrass.org.au
  • Or I highly recommend using a site that is very efficient in distributing music over the web to radio people - take a look at Airplay Direct.  It's a site where radio programmers can sample and  download music for airplay.   You upload your CD to your account at their site,  then let radio folks know it's there and we can download it whenever we like.
  • Or there are a number of other ways you can send digital copies of your music  - Dropbox,  Microsoft One-Drive,  or any of a number of similar services,    or CDBaby with a coupon to allow me to download from there,    - Basically any safe means of transferring files is fine.  I will undertake to make sure only the people working on my show have access to the music (usually only myself anyway) and any listener wanting a copy of the music will be referred to your web site or your record label,  which ever you prefer.

Sending us material for the show

I get a lot of CDs sent for consideration for the show.  Fewer these days than 10 years ago, but still plenty.    Most are used on the air, a few aren't.  If you want to get airplay on the show for your CD project, here's what you need to make sure of:  

First of all,  I would love to hear your CDs and consider them for airplay.   I never guarantee airplay to anyone, but if it fits the show's brief I'm sure it'll get airplay.  I should also say that in order to be played on our station, we need to have the following information somewhere in the package:

  1. Correct track name and track number visible from the outside of the jewel case
  2. Track time
  3. Author credits

This also includes any "hidden" tracks.   A hidden track that isn't documented in our copy will prevent the CD being added to the library. 

I see a surprising number of CDs without proper author credits.  If you dont supply song author credits, the CD wont get on the air during APRA Surveys.  No if's or buts.  That means you wont ever get any royalties or listing on the airplay charts from us.   We only play songs with the full information required by APRA during the surveys.  It's not worth our licence to deny songwriters royalties or credit. 

It's also useful to include some bio material, ready to read on the air, so I have something to talk about when I play the CD. 

My postal address is: 

Mike Kear

Pacific Bluegrass Network

 14 Hale Crescent 

Windsor, NSW, 2756 Australia.