Mike WIlls sends a get well card

Mike Wills, from Lynwood, Washington (in the Pacific North West of the USA - the top left corner!) sent a get well card that made me chuckle when i had my 'cardiac event' Inside was a note that also made me smile.  Here's part of what he wrote:

Dear Mister Kear (oops, I hope i didn't scare you.  This isn't a collection notice, so let me try again).  Hi Mike!

I thought you'd like this card.  Guess why - it's becuase of the talkilng dog bone specialist.  It's good tha tyou didnt break a bone.  I also enclosed a picture of my family and me from when we met a sled dog last January.  As you can see, we actually met a talkng dog named Pistol. ..

I think MIke is one of the nice listeners that seem to be everywhere.   It's people like Mike Wills that keep me doing this show, despite the anti-social hours it requires.