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The Ten Most Important CDs

Regular listener Tina Buchanan asked for suggestions about which ten CDs she should suggest her friend Jane buy to give her a good start to her CD collection. I asked listeners to send suggestions for the ten best CDs to start a collection and here are some of the best.

Perhaps I might use them as the basis for a special show in the near future.

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Kyle Schafer's Picks - Kyle Schafer sent us his suggestions for teh ten most important CDs to have in a collection with a lot of thought given to why .....

Ben Fitzgerald's Picks - Ben Fitzgerald made a good selection of classic CDs for Jane to consider.

Ryan in Fairbanks Alaska - Here's my own attempt at a "Top 10" list. I guess I will count double CDs as one, because it's still one recording that just couldn't fit on one disc. I mean, some recordings that were originally released as two vinyl records have been re-released as a single CD. If it comes as two CDs in the same case, then I'm counting it as one. If it exists as two seperate volumes, then I'm counting that as two.