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Each week, as the show is going to air in Sydney, I note every song being played, and prepare a comprehensive playlist of every song, tune, CD mentioned on the show.   It's published on this site soon after the show is finished, and also emailed to hundreds of listeners, artists, record executives and other djs around the world.

It's not a commercial thing - there's no money changing hands here at all. It's done as a service to the listeners to the show, because in many parts of the world,  bluegrass is not all that easy to find.  With this playlist, you can see exactly what was played, and for most of the songs there are links to where you can contact the artist or their record outlet.

Archived playlists

All our playlists are archived here, going back to 1 January, 2001. Also statistics - who's being played and how often.

Elsewhere in this section ...

Playlist Archives -

All our playlists are archived here, you can search them and see what we played on any date, what our features were, and see how the show has progressed over the years.

Request Playlists -

Request playlists to be sent to you by email each Friday so you don't even have to come to the web site to see what we play. Sent as soon as the show is listed on line, a few hours after the show finishes in Sydney.

Guest Programmers - Every once in a while we have a guest programmer, who selects the music played for a part of the show. Here are their selections.