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Sending us material for the show

I get a lot of material sent for consideration for the show.   Most are used on the air, some aren't.  If you want to get airplay on the show for your CD project, here's what you need to make sure of:  

First of all, I would love to hear your CDs and consider them for airplay.   I never guarantee airplay to anyone, but if it fits the show's brief I'm sure it'll get airplay.  I should also say that in order to be played on our station, we need to have the following information somewhere in the package:

  1. Correct track name and track number visible from the outside of the jewel case (or if sent digitally, included in notes, or have the music files tagged properly so our library software picks it up)
  2. Track time (for digital files, the time is gathered automatically)
  3. Songwriter credits

This also includes any "hidden" tracks.   A hidden track that isn't documented in our copy might prevent the CD being added to the library

The show's brief is to play:

It is disappointing that so many artists send music without acknowledging the songwriters. In the last 12 months I have added more than 2100 songs to the Foggy Hollow library, and of those, 1100 did not come with songwriter information. The artists are obliged to pay royalties to the songwriters and usually pay that royalty when they get their CDs pressed, but these days just over half of projects dont include songwriter credits in the package they send to us. I'm sure they print the details on their CDs, but since I rarely get CDs any more, I dont get the songwriter details.

Bear in mind also, that in Australia, songwriters get a share of the royalty money coming from APRA. If the artists dont include the songwriter credits, how are we to make sure the songwriters get the proper payments from APRA? Besides, songwriters have as much right to their moment in the sun as sanyone else involved in a project.

It's also useful to include some bio material, ready to read on the air, so I have something to talk about when I play the CD.  There are lots of helpful notes on how to maximise your airplay on the Bluegrass Australia web site in the Magazine section, that you might find relevant in planning your promotion too..

You can send music to us digitally . . .

I am also happy to accept CDs digitally  - as mp3s or other digital format files sent over the internet.  These days the vast majority of the music for the show comes in that way.  That will reduce your cost, and get them into the show's library a LOT quicker.

In fact I rarely use CDs for the show any more, so you might as well save your cost and sell that CD to a fan instead.  The show is almost completely run from high quality .mp3s nowadays.

But you need to make sure of the following:

. . . or send it to us by post

My postal address is:
Mike Kear
Pacific Bluegrass Network
14 Hale Crescent
Windsor, NSW, 2756