Ken Bultman - Florida

 That's my wife talking. She thinks I spend too much time on the computer. I used to spend too much time elsewhere.

Ken's from Lake Wales, Florida and picked an interesting show, with a lot of music that was in the Music from Foggy Hollow library but had hardly ever been played.

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Tina in Ol' Virginny


Tina took to the programming task with enthusasm and selected a fantastic show. She said ' I had a heck of time trying to whittle it DOWN! and you can see it's a little long.'

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Be a guest programmer

I’m delighted to announce a new feature of the show – it’s not a weekly thing – just once in a while … we’re offering our listeners the chance to program an hour of the show. You know I often say a great part of doing your own show is it’s the only show on radio that ONLY plays music I like.

Well it’s your chance to have such a show for yourself.

Every few weeks, we'll pick a listener will have the chance to select the show’s program for the first hour of a show. You will be able to pick any song at all from the entire 13,000 songs  in the library, on nearly 1300 CDs by over 1000 different artists. Or perhaps you want us to play something else – we’ll do our best to get hold of it and play it.

You’ll get access to the full resources we use to program the show every week – the library database, the system I use for preparing the show, the suggested songs listings, and you can use those.  Or if you prefer, you can ignore them entirely and come up with your own list.

Whatever you want to play. It’ll be your hour of the show.

You’ll get to see a little of what goes into making this show work each week, and get the chance to bring your own musical taste to listeners around the world.

We wont do this every week, because that would be a problem from a number of points of view, but just say once a month or every 6 weeks or so.

To thank you for your work in putting together the show, we’ll dig into the swag cupboard and send you something to remember us from Hawkesbury Radio, and WAMU, perhaps a CD or two, and a copy of your show on CD.  

If you’d like to have a go at programming the show send me an email letting me know and we’ll take it from there.