Bluegrass in Gippsland

Mike Hall in Gippsland, Victoria has decided to act to get bluegrass happening in his part of the world. He's decided to put his time and energy where his heart is and do something about it.

Mike says the following in his first email newsletter:

After several years not having much contact with the bluegrass music scene, it seemed right to get back into the swing. But what was quickly apparent is that there are lots of bluegrass players (of varying levels of expertise) and fans out there in our neck of the woods. So maybe this journal can

  • help the pickers and singers get and/or keep in contact; 
  • promote the bluegrass performers and their gigs. (Have you ever had that experience to hear about the great gig that happened – last week?) 
  •  support the fine efforts of others who organize bluegrass clubs, festivals and jams.

So what now?

The plan is that the newsletter will be sent out 5-6 times a year, on request. If you want issues by e-mail, drop Mike and email. If you want them by snail-mail, please let him know, but the donation of six 50-cent stamps for the year would be greatly appreciated.   Your postal or e-mail addresses will not be passed on to anyone else without your permission.

Have you got info about: 

  • instrumental teachers? 
  • bands and solo performers? 
  • upcoming gigs? 
  • jams? 
  • music clubs, open mikes, etc?

Pass it along, as long as it is somehow connected to the musical genre of bluegrass in Gippsland.

Deadlines for future issues: the 23th of March, May, July, September & November. (Aiming at publication a week later.)