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In the show on 18 September, I said that I had been surfing around YouTube and came across this video of a teenage girl doing her regular VLOG. What I couldn't work out was whether she was really that dumb, and the American education system was even worse than anyone feared, or whether she was a VERY VERY clever girl with a superb sense of humour.

When I looked further, I saw that she has a whole lot of videos like this, on a whole lot of topics. (which is the whole idea of a VLOG after all). But like Scott, the listener who called during the show to tell me that I'd caused coffee to splatter across his living room as it spurted out his nose as he guffawed listening to the segment, I was highly amused by this girl's speeches.

I've since found out that her name is Sean Welsh and she's a very clever comedian. I think she's very funny, and one of the things that appeals to me is she sees no need to tell the viewers whether its supposed to be funny or not. I guess she's like me in the sense that she thinks if you can't figure out its supposed to be funny, then that's your problem not mine.

Look at the videos here and decide for yourself. And enjoy

Then go and check out her channel here >>>

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