Laurie Lewis / And Laurie Lewis; High Fidelity / Banjo Players Blues ; Troy Engle / Fox Hollow Memoiries

Play order Artist Song Title Album
1 Australian content  Rod McCormack Song for a Winters Night Single
2 Lizzy Long Keep Yourself Alive Dreaming Again
3 Jerry Salley Let Me Be the Bridge Bridges And Backroads
4 Zoe & Cloyd Where Do You Stand Where Do You Stand
5 Laurie Lewis Ain't Nobody Got the Blues Like Me And Laurie Lewis
6 Troy Engle Everybody Got a Light Fox Hollow Memories
7 High Fidelity The Picture on the Wall Banjo Player's Blues
8 Midnight Skyracer Average Faces Shadows On The Moon
9 BIlly Troy & Friends Never Ending Love Single
10 Special Consensus My Kind of Town Chicago Barn Dance
11 Sarah Chapman Ramblin Kind Winnebago
12 The Gina Furtado Project The Things I Saw Single
13 Kenny & Amanda Smith Brand New Road With You
14 High Fidelity Turkey in the Straw Banjo Player's Blues
15 Edgar Loudermilk Band The Dark Side of Lonesome The Dark Side of Lonesome
16 Laurie Lewis You Are My  Flower (with Molly Tuttle) And Laurie Lewis
17 Troy Engle How's It Feel Fox Hollow Memories
18 High Fidelity Take My Ring From Your Finger Banjo Player's Blues
19 Steve Gulley & New Pinnacle Every Time You Leave Steve Gulley & New Pinnacle
20 Ned Luberecki We'll Put Out the Fire Take Five
21 Special Consensus Wild Montana Skies (feat Claire Lynch & Rob Ickes) Country Boy: A Bluegrass Tribute to John Denver
22 Steve Thomas & The Time Machine Far Far Cry All Of These Years
23 Fast Track I'd Like to Wander Back to the Old Home Blue & Lonesome Again
24 Tim O'Brien Wagoner's Lad The Crossing
25 The Petersens Blue Single
26 The Jakob's Ferry Stragglers Saint Anne's Prayer The Straggle Is Live
27 Troy Engle Fisherman's Prayer Fox Hollow Memories
28 High Fidelity Got a Little Light Banjo Player's Blues
29 Jake Blount Blackbird Says to the Crow Spider Tales
30 Wally Barnick & The Trail Boss Troubadors Never Alone Wally Barnick & The Trail Boss Troubadors
31 Danny Joines There's a High Lonesome Sound Single
32 Daryl Mosley A Few Years Ago The Secret Of Life
33 Professor Dan Boner Here Today and Gone Tomorrow (feat. Rhonda Vincent) West of West Virginia
34 Jay Armsworthy & Eastern Tradition Billy the Bluegrass Beagle My Best Friend
35 Appalachian Road Show 99 Years and One Dark Day Tribulation
36 Carolina Blue Grown Cold Take Me Back
37 Circa Blue I Sing Your Song (with Steve Harris and Valerie Smith) Single
38 Jacob Underwood Only Forever As Time Goes By - Songs Of The 1930s-1950s
39 Laurie Lewis This Is Our Home And Laurie Lewis
40 High Fidelity You Made the Break Banjo Player's Blues
41 Special Consensus I Am the City Chicago Barn Dance
42 Justin Moses Fall Like Rain Fall Like Rain
43 Bluegrass 2020 Five & Dime Bluegrass 2020
44 Merle Monroe God's Still in Control Songs Of A Simple Life
45 Frank Poindexter Cool Cats Hot Bluegrass Single
46 Tugalo Holler Mockingbird Any Fair Number
47 Crandall Creek This Heart of Mine Headed South
48 Aaron Burdett Dirt Poor Single
49 Troy Engle That's Kentucky Fox Hollow Memories
50 Backline If Corona Don't Get Me Quarantine Will Single
51 Robert Hale With The 8th Wonder Band Help! (featuring Scott Vestal, Missy Raines & Shawn Lane) Blue Haze
52 The Kevin Prater Band When You Were the One Walking Rails & Counting Ties
53 Anya Hinkle Road of the Winds Single
54 Lindley Creek I Gotta Go Freedom, Love And The Open Road
55 Thomm Jutz The Flood of 2010 (band Version) Single
56 Becky Buller More Heart Less Attack Distance And Time
57 Sutton, Holt, and Coleman Ready for the Times to Get Better Ready For The Times
58 Troy Engle Fox Hollow Memories (feat Linda Lay) Fox Hollow Memories
59 High Fidelity Banjo Player's Blues Banjo Player's Blues